Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Studio Equipment

I splurged (major!) and bought a bunch of studio equipment. There's definitely a huge learning curve- lights especially are hard for me, I much prefer natural light! However, the kids have been great sports and have been letting me practice. Since I haven't posted lately (like, um, since October), I thought I'd share some of our practice shots. 
Sorry Dad, I know you wanted skating ones, those will come soon!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skating in Holland

We headed out on another Goodwin/Butterfield Family Adventure last weekend! We heard rumours that the canals in Holland were frozen, so we verified, and immediately booked hotels and got in the car! Ever since reading Hans Brinker with my dad as a kid, I've wanted to skate the canals. I finally got my chance, and it was AMAZING. 
Our incredible hotel- a former water tower turned into boutique hotel. We will definitely be going back here in the spring!

Pouting because he lost at rock/paper/scissors to Dresden for the bunk bed!

view from our hotel room

horrible pic out the car window, but loved the family headed out :)

That's ME. Skating the canals. I still get giddy and smile remembering it!

The girls. Skating. :) In HOLLAND!

Seriously, it was gorgeous!

My CCM tacks have waited their whole lives for this day.

the tea room at our hotel

the gardens

sweetness sleeping on the way home

these kids crack me up!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

September Recap.

Why does it feel like I post more recaps than actual posts? Probably because I have more children than brain cells these days... I think that's a chicken/egg dilemma for another post!
Emma and I baked in our matching aprons. Forgive the "mom look," I rock that pretty much daily.

I went to Baden-Baden with my girls, and stayed in a fabulous vineyard!

We went to the Landstuhl Stadtfest and rode some rides.

The boys rocking their matching shirts. It's ridiculous how excited they BOTH get over matching!

Emma and Jacob practiced their twirls :)

Lemma got a new bike for her birthday! Early, but we wanted her to get some use before the weather turned yucky. Which, it promptly did to spite me. 

We went to a kerwe in Oberkirchenbach. Its a fest, with more rides and lots of beer.

Bumper cars-a whole family favorite!

Daddy bought us some küssen, they're chocolate covered wafer and marshmallows- Johnny was a HUGE fan!

Ems and I scouted some new photo locations :)

We went to Hitscherhof. 

Tiny baby loved the hay pile!

Daddy decided to sumo wrestle. It did not end well. He dislocated his patella- imagine its supposed to be at 12 o'clock. His ended up near 8 o'clock. NOT pretty. Nor was the bath I attempted to give him. :D

The fog rolled in around Martinshöhe. Fall is sooo pretty around here!

Disibodenberg and Bad Sobernheim Barfußpfad

We went to Disibodenberg a few weeks ago, it was a ruins of a monastery from somewheres around 640AD. Very very cool, even the kids really enjoyed exploring the site. The 3rd grade archaeologist in me really loved this! 

 We also went to the Barfußpfad in Bad Sobernheim. The kids loved this- it was much more of a "hard core" walk than the one we did earlier this year. The fording of the river was lots deeper, and we were rain dodging too.