Friday, May 30, 2008

Mom of the Week Nominations???

So.... apparantly, there is an epidemic going around of kids trying to make their parents look bad. The parents shall remain nameless, but: Thomas ate a bottle of chewable Tylenol, Amber put sand in her eye, Charlie's mom hit a parked car, Emma peed at Walmart, and Harry's mom didn't notice his ear infection for a week until the membranes burst. I'm sure there are lots more that I'm forgetting or don't know about, but I thought I'd put it out there that you're not alone. We all rock this week! :) I welcome all comments and funny stories. I think we need the laughs??!!
Emma has looked like this most of today. She's pissed that Jay's gone. Or maybe not...
Capt. Ear Infection

New Diapers!

So, I got the bright idea to start using cloth diapers on my monkeys. Where this idea came from, I'm not exactly sure. I think it stemmed from kids potty training early who wear them, and then when I looked into, I discovered that they're not exactly what I was picturing. They're much cooler, easier, and cleaner! :) Harry LOVES his new green diaper and we're working on not pooping in it. I told him it's his special diaper and he has to tell me if he has to poop so that he doesn't get it dirty. So far, it's worked okay, but we'll see... So far, my only complaint is that they're a little bulky on Emma, but it's not a problem yet. The brand I'm using is bumgenius in case anyone else is interested- I'll keep you updated on how they're working! :)
The kids playing in the box. They always send these HUGE boxes and Harry just loves them, and Emma just loves anything Harry does.
Both kids loving each other. :)
being cute!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Looonng Weekend!

Jay had a four-day weekend for Memorial Day, so we had a much needed family weekend and had some great together time before we start the next round of trips. Jay leaves Friday morning for Las Vegas for 2 weeks. He'll be home on Father's Day, so we'll be extra glad to see him then. :) I also spent some time this weekend by myself and with friends, I got a much needed shopping trip after swimming lessons with my friend Amber and another one Monday night after we discovered that Emma has outgrown all of her clothes AGAIN. This time after only 5 weeks. UGH! I was able to get some good deals at Target, so she's at least outfitted for one laundry cycle. Can you believe she weighs 21 pounds and is 29.5 inches long??? I thought maybe this baby would be a little slower in the growth spurts, but apparantly not!!

We had a picnic at playdate this week, and Emma conked right out on the blanket!
She also fell asleep in her high chair the other day... Poor neglected baby!
Emma got her first purse on my shopping trip. It was on clearance and she LOVES to teeth on the handles!
Harry got new "race car jammies." He's in love and has worn them every night since.
Emma in the pool yesterday. She was confused about something!?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hop on Pop!

Daddy's Home!
Both kids decided to wrestle him to the ground tonight. Well, Emma more like just threw her toes into it after Harry got him down, but they were all giggling hysterically! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning Playdate

Thomas, Joshua,Charlie, Harry, Naomi, and Jameson
Emma loves going too, especially when Joshua gives her kisses!
Harry's still going to Learning Playdate every Tuesday at his friends' house. Thomas and Joshua wait by the window every week for us to drive up- it's so nice to see their smiling faces! Harry has actually started enjoying the singing portion (well, sometimes!) and will sing along with "Itsy Pider" and "Bumblebee." We're working on "Hokey Pokey" and some of the others. He knows over half of the alphabet now and can count to 5 (most of the time!) and all his colors and shapes! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

So, my kid looks like Mark Messier....

So... it was hot this weekend, like high 80's. Harry kept complainging that his head was hot. I've been meaning to get him a haircut for a good week or two, but I figured last night that I could do it myself and save the 10 bucks. WRONG. I dug out Jay's clippers and the one blade that I could find and did a test strip. I thought it looked about right. WRONG, again. So, now Harry's bald. I think I used the beard shaver setting, because he literally has about a 5 o'clock shadow on his head and that's pretty much it! I realized this afternoon that he looks exactly like Mark Messier. :P Whoops. Well, it's hair, it grows back, right? RIGHT??
The Before Shot
The After Shot
Emma being cute
Harry and Ariana playing in the pool today
Ariana looks so cute in this one!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote for Emma~

Disney is sponsoring a contest for Crazy-Haired babies. Immediately, we thought of Emma! :) She could win $5000 for her college fund, so what can it hurt?

Please vote!!

Vote here!

7 months old!! :)

Can you believe Emmers is 7 months old already? It seems like Harry's first months took MUCH longer. I'm not sure if it was the "new mom syndrome" where time drags because you have such a constant bored/overwhelmed cycle going on, but she's getting big SO quickly.

This video is of Emma "talking." She's starting to mumble a few little sounds lately, but this one cracks us all up. :)
This dress used to be mine. :)

Her first biter biscuit. I hate these things because they're SO messy, but the kids love them and they help them with teething.
Wild child at the pool!
They're the sweetest brother and sister ever! I'm really not sure what's wrong with them.... ;)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pizza Party!

One of the moms in my Mommy and Me Group hosted a Pizza Party for the kids today! Harry had a great time making his very own little pizza and Emma loved all the attention, as usual. :)
Harry and Sklyur dipping into the sauce.
Harry concentrating very hard on putting the cheese onto his pizza.
Emma just hanging out with Mommy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Which Kid?

Can you guess which kid is which????? :)

These were both taken at about 6 1/2 months. :)

The Farm Show!

We went on a Learning Playdate Fieldtrip today!! Amber set up a group trip to the Junior Livestock Show here in Spokane. We had about 14 moms and over 20 kids show up, it was great! Harry and Hazel petting the pigs. Harry couldn't believe how big they were! And they smelled....
Harry got to feed the goat animal crackers!
Look, Mom, a GOAT!
Harry wanted to ride the cow. He was very upset when I told him he couldn't.
That's a whole lotta double strollers!!! :) Tanya, Jacqueline, Kim, Preston, Thi, Abby, Kelly, Zack, Gretchen, Hazel, Dorian, Jordan, Amber, Thomas, Joshua, Amy, Kai, Lynelle, Sklyur, Jace, Me, Emma, Harry, Michaelle, and Luciana. And the little boy in the brown in the front (we weren't sure where he came from, he just liked all the kids!)