Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goofy Kids

I bought some Halloween costumes at 75% off after Halloween, and finally dragged them out the other day for the kids to have some fun. Emma loved being SuperGirl, but kept calling herself SuperMAN. Harry was Optimus Prime, but without the mask. haha :)
We had Harry's friend Anna over yesterday morning for an hour or so while her mom was at a meeting. While she was here, this is one of the conversations we had:

Harry: Anna you can be my best friend.
Anna: Okay, Harry.
Me: Harry, I thought I was your best friend?
Harry: You can do it tomorrow.
Me: Thanks, Harry.
Emma: I'LL be your bess fwend, Mommy!
Me: That's really nice Emma, thank you.
Emma: NOW, can I watch Diego?

I guess I see how far my "best-friendship" goes... one swaps me out the minute there's a better offer and the other only uses me to watch her tv show... LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Beautiful Sunny Day!

Today was gorgeous. High 40's and complete and total blue skies and sunshine. I swear it felt like 50's and spring. :) The kids and I made great use of the afternoon and played outside for hours and hours. They even wanted to eat lunch out there.

-loving using her slide for the first time in a long time!

-lots of love!


-my sweet girl. As you can tell her hat is still big on her, but I made it out of super soft yarn and it stretched more than I planned!! She loves the fun-fur trim, but I think I need to use something else for the pompom.

-my handsome boy!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few more "emma-isms"

This girl is cracking me up lately. I don't know if she's finally growing into her attitude and out of the terrible two drama, but she is absolutely freaking hysterical lately.

Today, in the bath tub:
"I really wike my pwincess dollies, they're pwetty like me. They don't talk much though."

"I hab my suitcase and my boots. Take me to airport and I'm going to Wass Baggas to see MY daddy!"
*note, this was while wearing no pants!*

Yesterday, after a time out (which are like the absolute WORST THING EVER to her):
"I no likey time-outs. I no likey bein' way ober dere. I cwy lots and no likey you when I'm on time-outs. No more time-outs for Emma!"

"I no get one hair cut Daddy, I get TWO."
*Jay was trying to tease her and ask her which "hair" she was getting cut, and she totally didn't understand!

"I not wuddin' (loving) you right now, Hawwy."
*while Harry was on time-out for hitting her

"I'm gonna wock (rock) out!"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emma's Latest Skill!!

I caught Emma doing this the other day over the monitor! I didn't think she could get past 3, but sure enough, the little sneak goes much farther!!!