Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big NEWS!!!

Okay, so I KNOW I suck at blogging lately. I'm fully aware, but it doesn't help me be any better. I'm scatterbrained, pregnant, and way overwhelmed at the moment. However, we have had some pretty huge news at our house, specifically this week!

#1. We got new bunkbeds. These are the ones I've been dreaming over for years, and I finally found them on Craigslist for super cheap. PLUS, the kids broke Harry's bed, so we were in need of them, instead of me just 'wanting.'

#2. We got orders to GERMANY!!! WaHOOOOOO!!!! We're still working out our leave dates, but we *think* its going to be around the end of June. Jay has to do a 4-5 week training course in FL before that, so we're also trying to figure out when that's going to be. And of course, we'd like to get back to visit family before we go, so that's all in the works as well. Be patient with us, when we get some concrete dates, we'll set up a good timeline and let everybody know.
#3. We're having a BOY!!!! I had my regular scheduled non-ultrasound OB appointment on the 25th. I mentioned to my fabulous doctor that we'd gotten orders and that we would be likely moving this summer, and thus not having her deliver the baby (I'm very sad about this fact!). She said, "wow, I bet you're really anxious to find out what you're having then! Why don't we walk down to ultrasound and have a quick look?" I was flabbergasted and quickly agreed. After almost 45 minutes of the little stinker sleeping on my spine, we got him to wake up and show us his "goods." After which, he immediately curled back up and went to sleep. FYI, if I'd KNOWN I was having an ultrasound, I'd have had some sugar and and/or a pop before going in there so that he would've been nice and active! So, now the Butterfield house is going to have yet another male, and Emma and I are outnumbered. Which is okay, she's quite enough girl for our family! LOL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Race for the Cure 2010!!!

The Butterfields are Racing for The Cure again this year! 
(well, some of us are racing, others are waddling with a stroller!)
 Please sponsor our team- all donations go directly to
 Breast Cancer Research!!  
Click HERE to donate!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Butterfly

Take the poll above and tell me what your guess is for Baby Butterfly! We'll be finding out sometime early April and I'm curious to see what everybody thinks!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Emma

Emma wiped out in front of Harry's preschool the other day. She's pretty proud of her huge scab, I'm just happy the swelling has gone down and she didn't get another concussion!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pictures- narrated by Memma

Dat's Nuggles and Memma. And Hawwy too. He's a big boy, I wike to 'nucky him. I need picture wiff Wola and Jerwy too.
Dat's Hawwy. He's rollwin' stuff for me to eat. (It's Pedaha!)

Dat's Hawwy again!

Me! Dat's my humpback whale. (and she watches too much Diego!!)

Me! I'm rewwy sad.
Me happy!

Hawwy happy!

Me. Daddy!! Me, and Hawwy too. We're holdin' hands on the bwidge.

I'm not in dis one. Dat's a wiver. No beach for me!

Also, funny little story about Harry's dr appt on Weds:

Dr. D: Harry, can you count to ten?
Harry: Ten.
Dr. D: No, Harry, like the numbers 1-10.
Harry: I DID. Ten.
Emma: No, Hawwy, like this! Uno, dos, tres....

(I told you the kid watches too much Diego!!!)