Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rockin Awesome Girls- Europe edition!

Angie, Lisa and Shannon came to visit us last week. SO much fun having my girlfriends here!! I hope you all had as much fun as we did. :) 
We took them to Heidelberg, Lichtenberg, Sarreguemines, Nastein Schloss, and lots of sightseeing on the way. Angie and Lisa were also able to get to Paris for 2 days, Lisa spent a few days in London before coming here, and Shannon went to Budapest! So great to tour Europe. :)


Flat Stanleys met Flat Maria!

Emmila and her Fairy Godmothers

No Training Wheels!!

I'm so proud of my big 5 year old! Last week, we took the training wheels off his bike. I wasn't sure that he was ready, but after watching him do loops around our driveway and not even touch the training wheels, I figured we'd give it a shot. Sure enough, he took off right away, even doing tight little circles. He was SO proud of himself, he couldn't stop giggling.

He also had his first sleepover at his friend Joshua's house last weekend. I think they had a pretty good time, Harry was pretty excited to do "big kid" stuff and eat popcorn! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 months old!

Oh, my little sweetums. Seriously, he is the sweetest little monkey I know. Except when he's not. He's pretty grouchy when his world is not perfect and really lets me know, but he's so much quieter than Emma (even when he's furious!) and he's such a little snuggler. Can't believe he's 7 months old already! He's getting great at sitting up, as you can see. I think maybe that's the last milestone we'll hit. Then he'll stay little and be my snugglebunny forever. :)

Seriously, those blue eyes just melt my heart!

Apparently, chicken is hilarious :)

I just love to squeeze those cheeks!

Love his tiny baby giggles :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Landstuhl Carnival and More...

John and his girlfriend Evelyn. Are they not the sweetest things you've ever seen?
 We went to the Landstuhl Carnival on Saturday. The kids had a blast. We met up with our friends, the Goodwins, and all had a wonderful day together playing games, getting faces painted, and eating German carnival food!

Emma sat right down and said "I want Crawberry Shortcake." The poor lady did her best!
 Afterwards, they needed full baths to scrub off all that face paint.
sweet blue eyes... they get her out of so much trouble!

Oh, if I could just bottle that giggle!

I see Jay's "salesman smile" on that little face!

He's such a comedian lately!
And, in other news, Shannon and Angie (Emma's Fairy Godmothers!) get here tomorrow morning! And Lisa will be here Tuesday night. I'm SO excited to see my girlfriends!!! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

First Day of Soccer!

This past Monday was Emma's first day of soccer and Harry's first this season. They are signed up for a few months with a soccer pro on Landstuhl Post. Emma is on the 3-4 year old team with her friend Jacob; and Harry is on the 5-6 year old team with his friend Joshua. And, of course, John and Evy come along to cheer! It worked out great having all the kids together, they play when its not their turn and have a friend on their team. Harry also will have games on Saturday mornings starting next week!

bummed that her practice was over

I *may* have told her that they wouldn't let her on the team if she didn't have pigtails. 

Harry scoring one of his many goals- he ran over and hugged me after each one!

I think having his tongue out helps him run faster, right?

#1 Fan!

outrunning his opponent. I seriously couldn't believe how fast he is! Now, if he could just work on ball control... 

He was SO excited when he saw this picture- he says its his "action man" shot!