Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Recap

We planted jellybeans the night before...

John clearly thought it was a bogus idea. :)

And Lollipops grew!! :)

Their buckets out and ready for the bunny- Emma insisted that the bunny wanted popcorn with her carrots.
Searching for eggs in the yard
Harry with his loot
Note to self for next year: when the kids are hunting for their hidden baskets- FOLLOW the girl child. This year, she hid herself with her bucket and ate as much chocolate as she could stuff in her face before we realized she was quiet and missing.

John loves his deutsche krankenwagen

until he remembered that his teeth hurt. Seriously, this is his face 23 hours a day right now. It's very sad. 
 We headed to our friends, the Goodwins, for Easter. It was the most relaxed fun holiday I've had in years. We set up the food potluck buffet style and just grazed for the day. The kids ate a bunch, the adults ate more, and we all had a blast. And some very good czech beer was also consumed. :D

My sweet schnookums

beautiful, clean children :)

Heather bought gorgeous long topped carrots- Emma thought they were amazing and ate them all day long!

Major and Missy SweetTooth

Poor baby even teethed on Heather's beer stein!

the queen's newest expression. Just what I always wanted- a 3 year old rolling her eyes at me all day!

My sweet Harry-boy

The Mafia kids
We have such an amazing group of friends here in Martinshöhe (and Bann!). We'll be so sad to see one of the families PCS this summer, but we know they'll be on to new adventures and we'll catch up with them eventually. The AF is great like that!
My gorgeous and filthy family after the festivities- how lucky am I? :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Pictures!

The kids before their school Easter Parties
 We found an awesome park in Winterbach last week. It had a water pump that the kids played with for hours!

Sweet John took a nap

Emmila let me put curlers in her hair the other night :)
 We headed to the Gartenschau on Saturday and got our season passes. Well worth the 39 euro to go all year long!

So proud of Harry- last year he wouldn't even climb the tower for the huge slides, and this year he whizzed right down the highest one!!

Emma stripped down and made like a local kid. The German kids were all half naked and swimming in the water area. :)

The tulips were absolutely incredible! I've never seen that many colors and vibrancy.

They were setting up for a wedding in the Willow Chapel. That place is incredible!

"Ice Cream Makes Everything Better"

even Daddy got some eis- white chocolate raspberry. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs and Spring Fun

Counting his eggs

Harry's feet are finally big enough to try out his hand-me-down rollerblades!

He did such a great job!