Friday, January 30, 2009

Computer updates... hehe...

Thanks Kait for this- I thought it was too funny not to share!!

Future of Computers

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, the tickets have finally been bought. I found such awesome deals on tickets that even Jay said that we couldn't pass them up. :) We're leaving the 9th of February and I EVEN lucked out and got us a room at the Hale Koa (a SUPER AWESOME military-only resort right on Waikiki beach!) WHOOP!  They have a luau, hula lessons, a polynesian something or other, a magic show for the kids, a PX, 3 (yup, THREE!) swimming pools, and 72 acres of "garden oasis" plus a secluded private beachfront. Oh, I can hardly contain myself!!
So, I headed off this afternoon for some fun shopping- the kids needed sandals, swimsuits, sunscreen, and pajamas that weren't fleece! It was much harder to track down the summer clothes than I'd planned on, but I found what I needed. :) Now, I just have to figure out what fits my preggo self.... I tell ya, this third kid popped my belly out almost immediately!!
Our flight leaves at 6 am on the 9th and we have an overnighter on the way back, so it's going to be interesting to say the least with Queen Antsypants on somebody's lap for however many hours. (I'm not looking because I don't want to know how long the flight is. Seriously, don't tell me.) Harry will be fine, so I'm hoping he will want to be my "buddy" on the flight and we'll just read books the whole time. The kid is a rockstar traveler, I tell you. Knock on Wood.... The little one on the other hand: she is quite another story, as I'm sure Grampa John will attest to after driving to MN and back with us this July!!
We also took the kids to Stars on Ice last night. Jay got free tickets for us through the base ITT, and only a few of my friends opted to go, so we brought the kids, Rhenda and Anna, and Sandra. I got some amazing video and some okay pictures (there was no flash allowed, so most of the pictures are blurry) and once I suck it up and load them onto MY computer (its like a 30 minute process these days- again, anybody want to donate dinero to the computer fund???), I'll post them. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ga-ga, the World Famous Hockey Coach

I just realized that I'd still forgotten to post the link for the I. Falls story last week! Wow, baby brain has already began!!

Poor Harry...

Yesterday, the kids and I invited a bunch of their friends from Little Explorers out to base to play at the Funspot. It was all going wonderfully until Harry came down from the playing equipment (its a HUGE treehouse- SO cool!) and was wailing that his arm hurt really badly. We checked him out and he seemed to be okay, plus he wanted to keep playing, so we let him go. He fussed a little at bedtime last night and woke up howling again this morning. After a quick phone call to Ga-ga the World-Famous Hockey Coach for some "wrist check" techniques, Jay and I determined we should take him in.
After a few x-rays (which he LOVED) and the cursory temperature, bp, weight checks (which he HATED), we found out that he had a dislocated elbow. They said its pretty common in little kids and shouldn't have any lasting damage since we caught it relatively soon. It is pretty painful for them (again, Harry with the high pain tolerance!), but he seems to be like 98% better already after the doc popped it back into place. 
In the meantime, Ems went to work with Jay... I will apologize to everybody around as the Queen of Destruction probably helped everybody NOT get any work done this morning!! hehe....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I found this great site that will let me do my OWN headers and whatnot. I'm still working on the background thing, but I created my very own header today instead of using somebody else's. Doesn't it feel great to be creative of your very own juices?? I know I much prefer to not just copy somebody else's hard work. 

Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, so my computer has decided to rebel again. I managed to get a mini-slideshow made of some of the most recent pictures, so bear with me....
In the meantime, here's a quick list of some major updates for the Butterfields:
1. Harry is potty training!! (this is HUGE for us!) Granted, he will ONLY go on HIS potty at HIS house, but we're getting there. Apparently, everybody else has a yunky potty!?!
2. Emma went ice skating for the first time on Sunday. SO cute- I couldn't believe they had skates in her size, and she wanted to sooo badly, so we gave it a shot. She did great and only had a meltdown when Josh wouldn't share his fruit snacks. LOL
3. Emma says "door, Lola, and Jerry."
4. The snow is melting. We've gone from having over 65" to like 12". Maybe. It's actually a little sad, but I"m probably the only person who will say so.
5. I quit my M&M playgroup. The drama was killing me and it was getting to be quite stupid with rules and whatnot, so we started our own! By "we", I mean myself, Rhenda, and Kait. Check out our "Little Explorers" link to the right...
6. We're starting to talk assignments already with Jay's commander and others. Its pretty up in the air right now, but we're trying to figure out some of our options and what our "best" choices are.
7. We have tentative plans to head to MN in May for Katie's graduation. She's graduating on May 8 with an English degree, and then will student teach this fall for her certification. YAY!!
8. And the biggest news of all:

We're having another BABY!!!!

Jan 09 Pictures

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Okay, I AM AWARE that the airplanes on my background are not 135's. Jay wants to make sure that everybody knows this. They are airliners and not "super cool jets."

Fun at Raptor Reef!

Harry and Auntie Christy begged and begged us, so we finally agreed to take them to Raptor Reef. :) We all had a great time- with 3 adults, we even actually got to trade off going down the big people waterslides. Which, was lots of fun until Jay rode behind me on a slide and when we hit the bottom, he and the entire tube flipped over and dunked me!
Also, in case you couldn't tell, I figured out the color accent feature on my camera. Its a little too fun at this point, so watch out for LOTS of those...