Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Dec pics :)

A few photo updates! :)
We made lots of Christmas cookies!

Harry loving his kitty :)

Took a cruise at the Carousel

Jay's squadron Christmas party :)

Went to jump-n-bounce!

went skating!

had an Ugly Sweater Party!! :) Both Jay and Emma won (kids and adults divisions)!!! :)

And Emma had hot-cocoa :)

Merry Christmas!

Harry checking out his new scooter

Emma took a break from baking to try out her new scooter. She is beyond thrilled that hers is the EXACT SAME as Harry's. :)

Jay got Mario for Wii and had to try that out this morning. :) The kids are in their new outfits, Emma has butterflies and Harry has fleece, as per their favorite requests. Jay is wearing his transformer jammies that Harry picked out. He says, "now Daddy can be cool like ME."

Emma on Christmas morning!

I put a bow on Lola. She is NOT thrilled, but extremely cute and deceptively cuddly looking. :)

Harry got a super cool Batman transformer car/airplane. Jay, of course, commandeered it for awhile to "make sure it works." LOL.

Emma got a guitar- my little rockstar!

Jay and kids in their Christmas jammies

Her shirt says "Dear Santa, It was my Brother's Fault."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vegas, baby!

Sorry this is late... I'm trying to play a little catch-up while I have some spare time. And a hubby at home, which is miraculous in itself!!

We flew back on Jay's plane, Emma conked out pretty quickly. Apparently, she wasn't too impressed with the KC-135.

Harry was THRILLED. :)

The kids snuggled up playing Leapster. :)

Mommy and her kiddos

They got to see Santa at the Ethel B Chocolate Factory, the outdoor cactus garden had a fabulous light show!!!

We went to the Shelby museum near the Speedway. SUPER cool, even Emma was impressed.

Hoover Dam
Jay explaining stuff to Harry. :)

Fountains at the Bellagio

Jay and Emma near Paris. :)

Photos of Christmas Past....

I saw this done, and thought it was so cute. So, here's our photos of Christmas Past...
First Christmas, December 2004, Tampa, FL
(this was also our wedding day!)

Harry's First Christmas, Tampa FL, 2005

Christmas 2006, Tampa, FL

Emma's First Christmas (and doesn't she look happy??!!), Spokane, WA 2007

Christmas 2008, Spokane WA

Christmas 2009, Spokane WA

...and where will next year's picture be taken??? Updates in the New Year!!!.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Harry's Birthday Party!

We had Harry's 4th Birthday party at the Funspot this year. :) It was cheap, easy, and he could invite everybody he wanted to! Love that place...! The kids didn't spend as long bowling as we'd planned, but they dug right into the pizza and ice cream cake once that was ready. Plus, they loved the treefort.

More pictures of his actual birthday on Thursday. Which should be pretty amazing, being that we'll be in VEGAS!!!! Whoo0-HOOOOOO!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Emma-isms and Harry-isms

Thought I'd provide a chuckle for today:

Me: Emma, who took your socks off?
Emma: Diego
Me: No, Emma. Who took your socks off?
E: Maybe Daddy.
Me: No, Emma. Try again.
E: How about Harry?

Harry: Now that I'm 4, I think I will eat my hot dog buns.

Me: I'm so glad you're my little boy.
Harry: I"m not your boy, I'm Daddy's boy. Daddy is a boy like me. And Ga-Ga and Grampa.
Me: What am I?
H: You're a girl. Just like Emma and Gramma and Gramma Gerry and Gramma Mary.
Me: What about Auntie?
H: Well, she drives a red race car, so she's ALMOST a boy.

Monday, November 30, 2009