Sunday, June 26, 2011

Congratulations Jaybird!

We found out last week that Jay got promoted!!! He will "pin on" for Lt. Colonel sometime next year, most likely in the spring. He and all the other Lt. Col selects from Ramstein threw a party at the O Club on Weds night. Our neighbor was nice enough to watch Harry and Ems so I could take John and have a nice time without chasing the kids around. Thanks Christy! We're SO very proud of Daddy and excited to see what changes this will bring to our lives!
Thumbs up for Daddy!

 I signed Harry up for a journaling class through Big Picture Classes. He's loving it and thinks all the student interaction through their website is awesome. I love that he's excited to keep up his writing and reading skills through the summer! :)

I've still be running with my friend 3-4 times a week. I finally got a strap for my iphone and can use the nike+ GPS app, so its pretty fun to run with "cheers" from Facebook. LOL We snapped a few pictures the other night while we were out, its SO gorgeous up in the heights where we live. If I have to huff and puff around, this is the best place to do it! Beats a treadmill at the gym ANY day! :)

 We stopped for beignets while in Paris last weekend. The patisserie's smell delicious and the scents just waft as you're walking down the streets. There is nothing like it in the world, and they are amazing. I feel like a little kid when we have to choose, there are SO many incredible looking treats!

Snuggles. He was named by previous owners, and we considered changing it, but it just fits him so well. He literally lives on our bed, night and day, except to eat and do his business. I piled over 3 loads of laundry on and around him the other day without him batting an eye. :) He's even great with the kids most of the time, much more patient than the other two! Even John giggles and squeals when he comes around.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun Shots

I headed out with the kids to do a Father's Day photo shoot to put in our picture frame for Daddy. I left our big D-A-D letters at my dad's, but I made some with scrapbook paper thinking they'd suffice. Apparently, I was wrong. John howled and ate paper, Harry couldn't smile like a normal person and squinted the whole time, and I realized afterwards that Emma's dress was see-through. Whoops!
So, needless to say, we'll reshoot in MN next week. I did scout some good locations in our village, though. :) The stone barns are GORGEOUS for photos and the wildflowers are really in bloom right now!
I do love this one of her twirling!

Yes, he's holding my phone. It was the only way I could get him to stop wailing. :D

Paris and Versailles

We decided to make one more trip to Paris this summer. We had our Disney passes and wanted to use them again before they expire in August. So, we decided to see some things that we hadn't before! We also drove this time into the city, instead of taking the metro, thinking that it would be easier and we'd be able to bring the stroller for the heavy baby instead of me strapping him on the whole day. Not sure it was any easier, I forget how hard parking is in the european cities! 
Le Moulin Rouge 
We headed up to see Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Sacre Coeur, and le Cimitiere de Pere-Laichons. We mostly drove around in the pouring rain, but saw some cool things anyways! 
Afterwards, we headed up to Versailles to brave the rain.
overlooking the Grand Canal at Versailles

having a chitchat about getting lost in the gardens!

The fountains were mesmerizing!

only my Emma :)

Apollo's Bath

Lumps wiped out and gave herself a really good gouge in the shin. :(

Inside the palace gates- they were SO golden, there's no other way to describe it!

See, I was there! Jay had the camera for .45 seconds, took 1 picture of me, then attempted several more, got frustrated with my camera, and handed it back over. :) So much for not juggling a squirmy baby AND the heavy camera!

The inside of the palace was SO ornate, it was breathtaking.

The famous Hall of Mirrors, and LOTS of people

The outside of the palace. 
This was my favorite part of the gardens. I could totally imagine being a court lady and wandering through here!
Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here!

On Sunday, we hit up Disney. The kids had a blast, but we seriously underestimated the crowds this weekend. We waited in line FOREVER and only did a handful of the rides. The kids each got to pick their favorites, plus Buzz Lightyear Ride, and a few quick lines and that was it. :( Emma loves the Dumbos and Harry likes the Haunted House, so we did those of course.

Jay and Memma driving at Autopia

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Der Kuckucksbähnel

We found out about a very cool "cuckoo train" (der Kuckucksbähnel) that was taking a trip this weekend from Lambrecht to Elmstein. So, we invited all of our friends and headed out for the day! It was quite an adventure, but SO much fun!

We ladies had quite a bit of wine on the train there...

Jay thought he was hysterical watching me freak out about holding the baby out the window. :(

sweet blue eyes!

On the hike. FYI, a German stroller-friendly kids hike is NOT the same as an American stroller-friendly kids hike. Think: MUCH farther and lots of stroller-carrying. :( Thank God Jay was with me, or Emma and John wouldn't have come down the mountain. 

I finally got a picture of the gorgeous poppies in bloom lately

beautiful view of Elmstein

My Happy Hiker

Queen Sassafras

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

I've wanted to do some puddle jumping pictures for awhile now, so I gathered up a few of the neighborhood kiddos last week and headed out. Unfortunately, the puddles had dried after naptime, but we still had fun playing in our raingear and running around in their wellies!