Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls Weekend Away!!

This weekend, two of my girlfriends and I headed to Seattle for some "relax time." We had no agenda except maybe a little outlet mall shopping on the way home, so we were just there to do what sounded fun and have a great weekend away. We left Saturday morning and headed right downtown.
Legendary Public Market Sign in downtown

Sandra and I being goofy at Pike Place Market

Sandra eating her crab legs! We had dinner at Salty's on Alki Point and it was SO yummy!

View of downtown from Alki Point

View of Space Needle from the roof of our hotel!

Whidbey Island- SOOO pretty, I want to go back and have more time to explore there!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday!

All this baby business got me reminiscing about my little girl.... And you know, Amber, I think Kaitlyn might have MORE hair than she did?! I was remembering Emma with more! Just wait a few months for these hair-don'ts... :)

These were taken when she was about 5 days old, in October of 2007.

About 1 month old...

4 months old....

5 months old! (This was one of Daddy's do's: he accidentally combed cradle cap oil through her hair after her bath. It stood up for DAYS!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I miss Spring...

Yes, indeed. It was here, and now its gone again. I had some more from that glorious just under 80 degrees day we had the other day and thought that maybe by posting them, spring would remember us?? And come back???

We even went so far as to dig out our waterballoons and toys. :) This is Ems' first experience with our "Splash Out" (it has a timer that pops the balloons!)

She wasn't impressed. LOL
She much preferred to just carry around her balloons. Although, those soon popped too. Slippery water balloons in an 18 month old's hands don't last very long...

Harry LOVED it! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome to the World Kaitlyn and Molly!

The twins are here, the twins are HERE!!
Amber and Dan had their beautiful baby girls last night, I'm SO excited!! I was able to get to the hospital this morning and cuddle Kaitlyn for awhile, she has SO much hair, it reminds me so much of Emma as a newborn and gives me baby fever all over again. :) Lookout, Jay! wink, wink Congratulations Domrese Family! We're SO happy for you!!
Molly Joanne, 5 lbs, 7 oz.

Kaitlyn Ruth, 6 lbs, 14 oz

I made these for the girls to hang over their cribs. I still need to fill in the times/dates/weights, but you get the idea. The white square is a photo frame, but I wanted to let Amber pick which picture goes in. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

My sweet little princess....

We went to our favorite park in Medical Lake today with a group of friends. The weather was high 70's and absolutely gorgeous. Boy, did we finally earn a nice spring here in Spokane!! Anyways, Emma was hysterically funny about the lake this morning, so I captured her adventure in photographs....

Look at the pretty water!

I think maybe I'll put my feet in!

Uh, oh, my dress is wet!

Now I'm naked! And is that mud all over my face?

Look at that airplane!

These were some cute ones of Harry and Anna, too. I love the one of all 3 of them on the shore! :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Race for the Cure!!

Jay, Harry, Emma and I all did the 5K Race for the Cure on Sunday for the second year in a row. Its such an incredible experience and so overwhelming. They had expected 5000 racers this year, and we were told when we got there that they had over 7000 people show up! How amazing is that?
These are the Survivor's Balloons being released, such a moving moment.

Emma and Anna all ready to go! :) 

Rhenda and Anna, our racing buddies! (Sandra and Bree were there too, but I didn't get a picture...)

Harry having a snack. He told me after that "racing is hard work." Not exactly sure what kind of work he did in his stroller, but whatever! :)

The Butterfields, 2009

It's finally spring!! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was feeling nostalgic today for the good ole days of 'young love.' So, I thought I would share these wedding pictures... :)
These are from our "second wedding." Jay and I got married at the chapel at MacDill (Tampa) in December of 04 and had a big ceremony back home in MN in June of 05 with all of our friends and family. We loved having a second wedding, it felt like a wonderful party to celebrate the two of us! (Although, if you look closely, there's actually 3 of us at that point!)

My beautiful bridesmaids- Angie, Shannon, Kim, and Katie. Love you girls!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Fun!

*few more birthday pics! Rhenda sent some cute ones of Emma! :) Thanks!!

Last night, Jay and I took the kids to their friend James' 4th birthday party. It was held at a local bouncy house and we all had a blast. Somehow, this was Jay's first trip to one, which is surprising, being that Harry and I frequented the one in Tampa (or Brandon!) often, and the kids and I go here pretty often as well. Anyways, he had a great time and promised to come back with us soon. The party went great, all the kids had a blast. Emma is finally old enough to climb the slides by herself, coming down is a little fast for her, but my girl isn't afraid of anything!! hehe.... Btw, I stole these pictures from Linda, Rhenda, and Sandra- idiot mom that I was last night didn't even bring my camera! 
On other news, Harry is going through some stage as far as potty training. He's waiting until the last possible second to go, and, of course, then having an accident. He's to the point where he's only peeing twice a day and both of those are in his pants. I'm afraid that he either has a bladder infection or is going to give himself one. We just can't get through to him that whatever he's doing will be there when he gets back. Jay suggested teaching him to pee outside, but as teaching him to "point down" was such a challenge, I'm not ready to work on "point out" or whatever it is you do to pee on a tree. Jay did get him to pee at the party last night, but only after he'd been dancing for 20 minutes and was told that he was going home if he didn't pee right at that second. So, he did. Amber is trying the chocolate chips in a bag trick (10 chips, lose 1 for an accident, whatever's left, kid eats), I'm thinking we're going to try the ice cream tickets (he gets 2 per day, if he has an accident, he loses it, if he has one left, he can trade it in for an ice cream cup at the end of the day). I hate to give him that much ice cream, its a super special treat for the kids, but that also means he LOVES it, so we'll start there and work down to 1 ticket and see how it works... Wish us luck! And if anybody has any other ideas, I'm SO open to suggestions at this point... 
We also had Harry's dentist appt yesterday. He did GREAT, as always, despite the his fiercely clenched legs and wiggly bottom throughout the whole appointment. Yup, he refused to go there, but at least he didn't pee in their chair, which was my biggest worry!! The kid loves to brush, we got him a Dora vibrating toothbrush, so he had very little plaque and NO cavities! The dentist said he rarely sees such healthy teeth in a 3 year old boy. I was so proud! :) I have a super cute picture from my phone, I just have to figure out how to upload it onto here...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Emma Says "Noooooo"

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Emma has been saying "no" to everything. Literally, it means please, thank you, yes, no, maybe, kinda, whatever.... :) I finally got her to say it in her cute little voice for me on video. Sorry for the potty talk, she thinks she's pretty funny...

Hoppy Easter!

WOW! We've had a busy Easter!! :) Today, we went up to Greenbluff and did an egg hunt on the farm, it was a blast and the kids had SO much fun. Plus, we got ice cream, which is always fun. (I think maybe Jay would've enjoyed it more had it been a little warmer but it was still great!) Yesterday, we had Harry's first swimming lesson (pictures later!) and the base egg hunt. It was decidedly less fun than I'd hoped, Harry just isn't aggressive enough to get more than 1 egg, plus his age group was 3-5, so he was totally overwhelmed. Jay took Ems to hers and said she did great, but she's our little wrestler, so I'd figured as much. ;) We had some friends over on Thurs for the 1st Annual Butterfield Egg hunt. The kids had a blast and the moms got to sit around and chitchat. Again, it would've been great to have it be nicer weather, but we still had fun. :) Thanks guys for coming over!!