Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snow Day!

Okay, I lied. One more post.
We got a few inches of snow last night and today, so I bundled Harry up and we went outside to play when Daddy got home from work. I tried to teach him to throw snowballs and ended up whopping him directly in the face. Twice. Oops! After that, he would yell, "Ball!", and then cover his face. Hehe.... His mittens were too big and his snowpants too small, but I think we had a pretty good time out there! At least after I convinced him that it was okay that the van was wet... ;)

Heading to Minnesota!

I wanted to put a last post on here before we left- the Butterfields are all headed out of town for awhile! Jay is headed to ME in Las Vegas and the kiddos and I are off to Minnesota. Yup, I'm braving the hell of airplane travel with BOTH kids. I'll probably be ready for another vacation (by myself!) when I get back, but we found some cheap tickets and I jumped at the chance to show Emma off. :) For those of you in MN, give us a call at my Dad's or just stop by the house. We're excited to see everybody! We will all be back on the 16th of Dec, so look for some more posting then along with some great pictures!
Don't forget- Harry turns TWO on the 10th!!!! And Grandpa turns.......???..... on the 9th!! hehe....


This is Harry's reaction when I asked him if he wanted to fly on the airplane tomorrow!! Can't you just hear the high-pitched, "YEAH!"??

Friday, November 23, 2007

Time to Decorate!!

We decided to start decorating for Christmas today. Since we're all going to be gone for a few weeks coming up, we thought we might as well start this weekend! :) We put up our tree and all of my snowmen around the house. Harry thought that it was just awesome that we could have a tree in the house and then put lights on it too! And yes, I did change his outfit halfway through- we were trying to get a nice Christmas picture of both kids. Needless to say, it didn't work out very well.... ;) They're both adorable, just not in the same picture!! Helping with ornaments.

WOW! A tree in the house!

Putting ornaments on the tree.

Kissing Emma!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Harry's winter jacket this year is a big puffy down coat. He had it on over a sweater the other day and had a little trouble moving around in it. It reminded me of the scene in "A Christmas Story" where the little boy says "I can't move my arms" because he's all bundled up. I tried to get Harry to stick his arms out and make that pose, but this was all I got... I thought they were pretty cute anyways! No Red Rider's for Christmas, Grandpa!! He looks a little more like a gangster in this one, but whatever... ;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today was my birthday!!! :) Jay, Harry, and Emma took me to TGI Fridays for dinner. I wanted the Olive Garden, but apparantly there was a big concert going on next door and they don't take reservations, so we couldn't get a table for hours. We had fun at Fridays anyways- Harry made friends with everybody around us and ate all my ice cream, plus everyone commented on Emma's adorable fuzzy hair. :) I even got both kids to sit with me and take a nice picture. Hope you all enjoy!

The boys made me this cake yesterday- I haven't gotten to taste it yet, but it looks yummy!! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My little Afro-girl

Emma took a bath the other day and when she was done, she had an Afro! It was so cute we couldn't resist taking lots of pictures! ;)
Harry wanted to pet her head all day!

It was so fuzzy and soft! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Arbor Crest Winery

Saturday we decided that it would be a fun idea to visit some of the wineries around Spokane. These pictures were taken at the Arbor Crest Winery- they didn't allow children on the premises, so Jay was kind enough to wait in the car with the little ones while Jan and I got to explore the grounds. As you can tell, it was absolutely beautiful! We felt like we'd gone to Italy! We did also visit the Latah Creek Winery, whose wine we liked better.

More Pictures from Grandma's Visit

Cedar Street Bridge in Sandpoint, ID

View of the mountains from Sandpoint, ID

Grandma and Emma

Harry at the Mobius Children's Museum

Playing with Boats at the Children's Museum

Coeur D'Alene, ID

Harry giving his Bee kisses

Harry's new "Car that Races" from Grandma!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

And some Emma pictures too....

I figured with all the new pictures of Harry, Emma deserved some space of her own!! :) Grandma got a picture of her smiling the other day and I just had to show everybody!!!

Swimming Lessons

I finally got some pictures of Harry at swimming lessons- thanks to Grandma's camera, again!! Next week is our last week, and he's still loving it every week. He hangs out on the kickboard and jumps off he wall like a big boy- he still hates floating on his back, but he's getting better. :)

Halloween Pictures

These are the pictures from Halloween- a little late, I know, but we just finally got Grandma's camera hooked up to my computer so I could upload them. I don't have any of him actually trick-or-treating, because it was dark and he was mad at me most of the time. He thought we were going visiting at houses and were going to play and eat candy with the people inside. Jay and I had to drag him out of just about every house we went to! Plus, he demanded that HE pick the piece of candy he got from each house. Thankfully, most people were pretty understanding! :P We got LOTS of compliments on his costume and he was the cutest, most tired little chicken I've ever seen by the end of the night.
This was taken at Miss Abby's house at her Halloween party. :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

New Skis!

I found a great deal on kids skis for Harry the other day. They came in the mail today and he couldn't wait to try them out! We couldn't convince him that skis are for the snow, he thinks they work just great in the living room! I got him to look at me by shouting "cookie!" hehe....


Taking Grandma to the Park!

Grandma is here!!! Jan (Jay's mom) got here last Sunday night and is here until the 12th- whoo-hoo! Harry calls her "Graaaaaaaa" and thinks she's his new best friend forever. He loves having someone new and fun around the house since all his dumb mom does is play with his sister. Harry took her to the park across the street from our house the other day. These are some of the cute pictures I got. On the park bench- I can't believe I got him to smile for the camera!

Showing Grandma the super-cool bawk-bawk.

Emma got to come too, but was mad she had to be all bundled up!