Friday, April 30, 2010

Moving Timeline- say what?

Okay, so I deleted yesterday's post.
Jay got a phone call as he was leaving work yesterday telling him that he could possibly be doing his training course en-route instead of Jay-only. We tried really hard not to freak out since we had JUST bought our plane tickets for MN and NH.
He got in this morning and found out that for sure he is en-route training. Basically, this means that we are all expected to travel WITH him to FL for his training class. This would work except that we still have to ship 1 vehicle from here (which we still don't have the damn title to- damn you Honda!), still have to drive the truck and Nova to MN for storage (where the kids and I were planning to spend some serious amounts of quality time with family), and have to figure out somewhere for our cats to be for that time (my whole family in MN is allergic).
And did I mention that his training starts on May 24th? Yup, that's like 3 weeks away, generously. So, we have to be packed, moved, and out of our house here (and Spokane!) by around the 18th to get to wherever it is that we're going to be by the 24th.

The way I see it, we have 2 viable options:
A. Drive truck to MN. Board cats, Jay flies to FL for training, flies back to MN on June 18th (when training is finished), whole family flies to Baltimore, drops off 1 cat in NH, leaves for Germany June 28th (did I mention they bumped THAT date up a week too??!!)
B. Drive truck to MN. Con Auntie and Grampa into babysitting TweedleDee and TweedleDum for a few days while Jenn and Jay fly the cats to FL (each cat carrier has to be with an adult, 2 can go in 1 carrier). Jenn flies back to MN. Jenn and kids fly to FL in time for Jay to finish training. Family flies from FL to Baltimore, somehow drop off 1 cat in NH, leave on 28th.
There's also option C, but not very realistic, as it doesn't include getting the truck anywhere. However, that's probably what the AF is going to pay for, hence what we're going to have to work around: Fly everyone from WA to FL, Jenn and kids fly to MN and back to FL, everyone leaves from FL.

I'm not real thrilled about any of these options. They're cutting out family time that I had really been counting on (both in NH and MN!), seriously raising my stress level, and I've spent more time on the phone with Southwest and Frontier airlines in the last 3 days than speaking to actual human beings.

Plus the guy who prints actual orders (so we can schedule movers, book TLF's, cancel plane tickets) is on leave yesterday and today. SO, we have to wait until MONDAY to make any concrete plans. I'm stressing out.

Wish us luck this weekend!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun at the Park

Since I'm on such a blogging roll now, I figured I'd keep it up. Plus, I had some cute pics from today. :)
I call this his "I barely tolerate my lame-o mother and her dumb camera" smile.

This is known as the "crazy lady" smile. It is also the one featured on her brand spankin' new govn't passport. :) Awesome!

This is their all-time favorite park toy at any of the parks that we frequent. It even beats out the bawk-bawk that Harry used to love. :)

Occasion for the park today: 1st Birthday Party for these little lovelies! How cute are they??!!

And, of course, we all received cake. But not before Emma personally visited each party guest to make sure that they had finished their pizza and that they were aware that SHE was ready for her cake. Granted, it was a gorgeous purple butterfly cake, but the child was slightly impatient. :) Sorry, Amber!! LOL

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Little Soccer Stars!

Harry started Smart Start soccer on Thursday. It was supposed to start last week, but the weather was absolutely awful, so they started a week late. Yesterday was gorgeous and in the high 60's, so it was perfect for their first day.
The boys stretching out....

Listening to directions.
I wasn't actually aware that either of them knew how to do this. Maybe I need a whistle??? :)

Harry- SO cute with his soccer shirt and shinguards!

Even Memma got a turn! :)

Next week, Jay is in Vegas, so I'm not exactly sure how its going to work out. There is way too much lap running for me to get out there with Harry, not to mention I don't really trust Emma to "sit nicely" while I work with Harry.

Massive Picture Update

I figured I would just throw all these in one post rather than try and be actually helpful and organize them. At least this way, you get to see them right?
We did our annual egg hunt up at Green Bluff. This is my very favorite that we go to, and this year it was WAY warmer than last year, so a roaring success! Plus, they give us ice cream for breakfast and pumpkin donuts, so we were all pretty happy. :)
Hunting eggs at Green Bluff.

Emma (lucky little girl!) won a BIKE at the egg hunt on base this year. She found about 2 eggs in her age group's hunt, so we let her run out there with Harry's group (she easily could pass for his age!), and sure enough, the kid won the grand prize! LOL
We had an Easter potluck/egghunt/bbq at our friends Todd and Sandra's, as well. GREAT fun for all of us!
Jay caught a couple kitties- and also participated in Mustache March. Thank GOD that's over! :)

We had one gorgeous day in March, so the kids and I ran out to the Finch to take some nice photos. Harry was handsome as always...
Emma was full of attitude and way to cool for me.

But they did take a couple nice ones together. And she even took off her sunglasses for a few! :)

oh yeah, and I went to Mexico. :) I have more pictures from the trip, but for some reason blogger hates them all and won't let me upload any of them. :( I'll keep trying....