Monday, January 31, 2011

5 months old!

 He is currently in love with his feet and blowing raspberries with his tongue. Hence, 98% of the pictures I took yesterday reflect that. :)
With Harry, I would have stressed and fussed and tried for the "perfect picture." With John, I'm much more happy to remember him the way he really is at 5 months. A goofy little monkey who constantly has his socks off and his tongue out. :) Because all too soon, that little tongue will go back in and he'll be wearing shoes and starting kindergarten next year. Did I mention how much I'm FREAKING out that Harry will be at kindergarten next year 5 full days a week??!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Peas and Haircuts

John had peas for the first time on Saturday. He was NOT a fan. LOL, his little expressions were sooo sad and pitiful (and hysterical!). I finally took pity on him and gave him apples instead, they were a much bigger hit!

 Emma and I finally were able to get in for a haircut on base. I think we're going to have to venture off next time, but we got the job done anyways. She was SO excited to have "big girl" time with mommy and sat and played on my iphone while I got mine cut. The haircut lady even put hers in a french braid- she looked SO grown up. Of course, the pretty braid only lasted about 10 minutes after we walked out of the salon, but she was beautiful and clean for those glorious 10 minutes...

She and I also went shopping a few weeks ago and H&M. I love that store- its right down the hill in Homburg and they have great clothes at great prices that she can wear. Because of her eczema, I have to be very careful what I buy for her, a high polyester count or low quality cotton makes her break out and actually bleed. Normally, I have to stalk the gap and gymboree's sales to afford clothes for her, but over here, we can just hop in the car and she can pick out what she likes! SO much fun for her and much easier for me. :) Plus, they're made in european sizes, which are by centimeter (first time I went shopping, I had to call home and have Jay measure the kids, then convert it into cm's!!) and fit her skinny little butt so much better. They work great for Harry too. :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paris, edits

PW's Heartland Edit
These are some of the Paris pictures that I played with some fun edits of. I love how they turned out!

creamy b&w

added some fake sun to make Emma look like she was just playing in the park :)

My cute kids

My Tubba Babies

Someone is VERY excited that he has feet. :)

Harry asked me to come and take pictures of his "moves."

Moon flare, baby!

Emmila brought Big Poley Bear to school and wore her jammies for Teddy Bear Picnic Day. She was thrilled and hasn't stopped talking about it!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

365 Project Life

I recently started a Project Life book. I figure with living over here in Europe, how cool to be able to document every day with my family? On our PL message board, someone posted the thread to start us off on our journaling this week, and I thought I'd share. I really loved this concept.

The Allanah and Madeline Foundation Project - Children365 - encourages adults to make promises and declarations about their children for the year ahead.

3 reasons I love my children
6 ways they make me smile
5 things we will do together this year

1. They make me smile and give hope for the future.
They force me to slow down and pay attention to the little things in life, even if they're bugs.
Nothing is as cool as seeing yourself and your husband blended into a little person.

2. Their giggles.
Emma's stories.
John's snuggles and pure love for me.
Harry's innocence.
Their constant optimism and willingness to try new things.
Their total beauty and calm when sleeping. :)

3. Travel and see Europe!
Enjoy being with one another more and appreciate having Daddy home more.
Practice our German and French.
Concentrate on "our" family- the 5 of us and what is really important to US.
Be more spontaneous and willing to get out and "just do it!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bitche and Sarreguemines, France

Yesterday was Dad's last day in Europe and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so we headed out sightseeing! 
First, we headed to Bitche, France to see the Citadelle. It was much bigger than expected and very intimidating. 

View of Bitche from the hill

Even had a chapel inside!

Jay and Harry talking about "conquering the fortress!"
 After lunch in Bitche (LOVE the kebaps!), we headed to Sarraguemines, France. It was gorgeous. We'll definitely have to head back there when we have more time to explore. We found a park right along the Saar River and decided to let the kids enjoy the weather for awhile.

French pastries- eclairs and pommetartin! YUMMY!!!

Fun Times

The kids demanded to play outside the other day in the rain. Since it was reasonably warm out (about 45 degrees), I figured, "why not?!" So, they headed out in rain coats and boots and had a blast. Of course, Emmila needed hot cider when she came inside, but I think that's going to continue until June at least... :)

Dad and I took the kids on a "nature walk" around the village the other day. As you can see, ALL of our snow is completely GONE! How crazy is the weather here??

 Jay spent most of last week working on scheduling a flight coming in from Mildenhall. As a thank you, the crew invited us out to dinner with them at a local German restaurant in Kaiserslautern. Jay and I jumped at the chance for a nice meal since we had Gaga in town to babysit.
And guess who we got to have dinner with??!! The passengers on the plane were from an Armed Forces Entertainment trip headed to the middle east, starring Mario Andretti and Al Unser Jr! Of course, we got our pictures taken with them. As you can see, John was thrilled. :) LOL, Harry was quite jealous, especially after we showed him some youtube videos of the two drivers.

 Can't believe how big my little guy is getting! He's 4.5 months old already!

Sunday, January 16, 2011