Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Pictures!

Amy also got some great pictures of her trip and of Easter. Enjoy!
Amy and Jenn at the Winery.

Harry at the park.
Harry dying Easter eggs. His job was to tell us when they were done.
"Oooohhh.... Eggs...."
Emma doing her "fashion show" to decide what to wear for her pictures.
My sweet little nakey baby!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Amy's visit!

Amy finally came to visit!!! It was so nice to see her and she finally got to meet Emma, which was great. I definately enjoyed having another girl around the house, especially one who's known Jay as long as I have and can tease him right back. :) Harry was SOO sad to see her leave today- he kept yelling, "Amy get back in Harry's car right now!" the whole way home from the airport. Poor kid doesn't understand why people keep going back to the airport. Amy and Harry at the park in Medical Lake. It's SO pretty there!
Harry and Amy slow-dancing on Easter. Harry gets his romantic skills from his dad, I think.... :P

Emma all bundled up for the park. We brought bread for the ducks, but for some odd reason, they won't come near Harry!! hehe... And yes, we do have to bring Emma a stuffed animal everywhere we go. She loves to "clutch" things in her little paws at all times!
Harry picking out letters. He's SOO smart!

Easter Pictures!

These are out of order time-wise, but I figured I'd just post a TON of pictures from our Easter! Harry got a bubble gun from the Easter Bunny in his basket. He kept thinking that it was Santa that brought all his stuff though and said "Santa Bunny."
Hunting for Eggs at our house. Yup, those are his pj's.

Easter morning at the Butterfields! :)
Doodle-bop wore the ears. It's becoming a tradition!
Harry says, "Candy. Niiiiiiccccceeeee."
Emma at the egg hunt on base. Isn't she cute?
Harry and Susy before the 3-5 yr old egg hunt. He looks 3, right? Jay was slllooowwwww getting out of the house and we completely missed the 0-2 hunt. Whoops!
Harry checking out his "loot" from the Egg Hunt at Kari's.
Harry finding eggs in the snow at Kari's.
Amy helping Harry find eggs.
Emma and Mommy at the egg hunt!
Harry and Natalie eating yummy cake after the hunt was over!
One of the ladies from my Mommy and Me group organized a fabulous egg hunt at her house. She filled over 450 eggs for all the kids to find!! Yay Kari!!! :)
Thomas, Joshua, Harry, and Jordan at Playdate at Amber's. They made bunny ears- aren't they cute??
Harry and mommy doing the Jelly Bean Prayer. :) Not many jelly beans made it in the baggie...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chuck E Cheese!!!

Today Harry and Mommy had their first time at Chuck E Cheese! Quite sad actually, that I'm 24 and have never been, but we went today. Harry had an awesome time, and I was surprised to say that Jay and I did too. It was much less of a mad-house than we had expected and Harry actually stayed reasonably under control. With the 40 bonus tokens we got for being military, we'll definately be going back! Harry pushing his face into the glass in the tunnels. Yup, that's my kid!
Emma was thrilled, per usual.

The Spider Game- he had to step on the buttons as they lit up. We played this one forever!!

Drinking his lemonade and waiting for his pizza :) Such a patient boy!!
Playing "Whack-the-Letter"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Day at the Park and a New Dragon

Harry and Jay went to Mobius this morning and then we all went to the Riverfront Park to feed the ducks, ride the carousel, and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It got up to 52 degrees today!! Jealous??? :P
Emma and I went shopping today while the boys played at Mobius (the Children's Museum). She had a full-out tantrum at Macy's while I was trying to buy her some sundresses. Being that she likes to "clutch" things in her tiny little paws, I handed her a few stuffed animals to keep her quiet. She threw them all back at me, except this monster hot pink dragon. She immediately put him in her mouth and refused to let go. It appears we have our first favorite! :)

She likes to suck on her fingers. :) She also got the Butterfield family's red cheeks- aren't they cute?
Can you see all the drool from sucking on the dragon? The poor thing had to have its head wrung out on the drive home!!

She's SO happy!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Clifford and George!

The elementary school on base had a Book Fair today and had Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George come to visit as special guests. I thought it would be a fun treat to take Harry and get to meet some of his favorite "Teebee personalities." He couldn't believe that Clifford was there and really wasn't suprised that George was there for some reason... He was trying to show Jay that Clifford was "soft!"
Harry was absolutely fascinated with Clifford's tail!

Harry playing peek-a-boo with Curious George.
And Emma, of course, thrilled as always. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....

Harry and his friends Thomas and Joshua went swimming at the base pool again today. They discovered that they're tall enough to sit on their bottoms on the deep end of the little pool. :P We had a field trip to the fire station at our "learning playdate" this week. Harry, Jordyn, Tylia, Titus, Thomas, and Joshua all had a great time!

Harry's favorite parts were the lights and the HUGE tires!

Joshua and Harry playing with the play-dough.

Harry and I played outside all afternoon today while Emma took a LONG nap. He insisted on eating his pbj sandwich outside too. :)

We practice pedaling his bike. He's getting better!

We pulled out the Johnny Jumper for Emma today, too. She LOVES it! She was a bit "shocked" when we first put her in it, but Harry talked her through it and now she gets mad when we have to take her out!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Emma can roll and Harry used the potty!!!!

Jay's been doing absolutely everything he can to make Emma giggle for him, and today she finally obliged! I think she's finally figured out that he's an okay guy and she likes him. :)

She also learned how to roll over this past week. She goes from her back to her front only so far, but it won't be too long before she's rolling around the house! As you can tell, she's a talker, too, so we're going to have one noisy house when she gets around to being able to argue with her brother. ;)

One of the ladies in my Mommy and Me group recommended that we put Harry's potty in the living room, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try, right?! Apparently, that was the secret!!! He went twice before bedtime and got 2 jelly beans and can't wait to "make water" again when he wakes up tomorrow. We'll see how long this lasts, but so far, I'm pretty impressed!
Yay Harry!!!!!!