Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carving Punkins!

Well, today was the official "Pumpkin Carving Day." We hauled in the pumpkins we'd gotten from Green Bluff a few weeks ago and warmed them up. Jay and I gutted them and let Harry pick the patterns that he wanted. I found some awesome ones on, but he only picked out one of those. Harry and Daddy reading about Dowa and pumpkins last night before bed.

All ready to carve, Mom!

Emma didn't help much. Although, she did wake up and squawk a bit.

Harry with the finished products. He picked a kitty, the Dowa pattern, and a happy face. :) He wanted the Dowa on the little pumpkin, but her head was too big... hehe...

Mom's rockin' awesome Dowa pumpkin!!! This baby took forever- I picked the thickest pumpkin ever to carve the really thin slits into... not my brightest idea! It turned out pretty well though and hopefully will look awesome on our steps for Halloween!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Looks like Dad??

I couldn't believe how much Harry looks like Jay in this picture!!! He thought he was SO cool wearing Dad's hat around the house. He calls this shirt his "daddy shirt" because it looks like the plaid ones that Jay wears. I think I'm going to have to get them matching ones for Christmas or something.... not sure if Jay would go for that though!! hehe...

Halloween Party

Harry had his "Mommy and Me" Halloween Party tonight. He got mad when we tried to put his "bawk-bawk" costume on him, but when we told him if he wore it, he would get to see his girlfriend "Suey," he was ready to go!! :) Emma had her Halloween outfit on too, but none of my pictures turned out! She's going to wear it again on Halloween, so I'll try and do a better job then. Eating some cheerios to get energy for the par-tay.
Coloring a picture for mommy with a pirate.

Frosting cookies with Daddy and Susy (a pretty butterfly). I think those three used ALL the sprinkles at the party!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cute pictures!

Last night, Harry went to bed and Emma decided to grace us and be awake for a little while. Since we had NO pictures of her with her eyes open at that point and she was freshly bathed with cute fuzzy hair, we decided to take some fun pictures. She was a great sport about it and let me dress her up in some of her super-cute outfits. :)
she looks so alert here, I just love it!!

she was all snuggled in after her bath and she kept making this face- does anybody remember Harry making this face??? hehe....

She's kinda smiling here- so cute. She's such a snuggle-bunny!!

She passed out in her swing while mommy was getting set up for the pictures!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I planned on writing an update on how our little Emma is doing, but the truth is, all she does is SLEEP. :) She sleeps on Daddy, she sleeps on Mommy, she sleeps in her swing, and she sleeps in her cradle. Harry runs around the house yelling about cars and tractors and all those wonderful little boy things, and still Emma sleeps. Every so often she'll wake up and squawk if she wants to eat, so we feed her, and she falls asleep. Most of the time, before she finishes eating.
Harry is doing very well having his 'bee' at home. He doesn't understand that her name is Emma, but he calls her "Bee" and loves to give her kisses and rub her hair. We've only had to holler at him a few times to not shake the baby's cradle while she's sleeping. He's trying to help, and being a very good brother, he just doesn't understand how small she is. :)
Mommy is feeling very well- still a little sore and tired, but moving around very well and trying to get the house back in order. The boys made quite a mess being home for a few days by themselves!! hehe... Halloween is coming, so we have to get those punkins carved pretty soon. Harry is excited to wear his bawk-bawk suit, but doesn't understand about the candy yet. I think that should only take about two seconds for him to figure out though!! He definitely inherited a sweet tooth from someone...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Emma is here!

Emma Beth Butterfield was born on Sat. Oct 13, 2007 at 12:17 pm via C-section. She was 8 lbs, 14 oz and 20.5 inches long! She's beautiful and such a sweet little baby- she has a big appetite, just like her brother, and loves to sleep and cuddle. She has big blue eyes and very dark brown hair. Mommy and baby came home today and our boys were very happy to have us at home. Harry is very proud of his new little sister and very excited about his new train set. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

cookie monster and his baby sister

Harry and I decided to make more cookies today. We made chocolate brownie cookies that are YUMMY YUMMY!!! He got to lick the spoon and loves his job! :)

On another note, I'm finally having contractions, they're just not regular, but they are starting to get painful, so I"m holding out hope that I'll go into labor naturally instead of having to be induced. I guess I'm not too hopeful, but it's worth a shot, right? :P I am scheduled to go in Thurs. night and get the Cervidel (to get things started) and if things aren't moving along by Fri. morning, I'll get Pitocin and my doc will break my water. SO, we will definately have our little Emma by Friday at some point. Harry has started saying her name- it's the most adorable thing ever. I don't know if he's ready for this new little one, but he's going to have to be! He's going to spend the night at his friend Suey's (Susy) house Thurs. and maybe Fri night, and he's very excited, except that he wans to bring his car-bed over to her house. I think I'm going to leave it up to Jay to explain that one to him!!

We'll keep everyone updated as soon as possible about the status of our new little one and do pictures as soon as I feel up to sitting at a computer or I can explain to Jay how to add them to this!! :) Wish us luck!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Day at GreenBluff

Today, we Butterfields decided to head up to GreenBluff. It's a farm community that has u-pick fruits, vegetables, etc all through the summer and fall. Right now, apples and pumpkins are in season, so that's what we did. Harry had a blast picking out apples because a lot of them were RED. Which is the only color he knows, and thus, his favorite color of all time. He had a very hard time understanding that we weren't going to take ALL of the red apples home, only the ones that we picked off the tree. He thought it was easier to take all of the yucky apples off the ground and fill his bucket with those! We had quite a fit on the way out because "Red Gone." Meaning that we had left some of the red apples behind. ;)

This is Harry discovering one of the first bright red apples on the trail. If you look closely, you can tell he's saying "WOW."

Daddy and Harry picking apples.

Harry bringing Mommy one of the MANY yucky ground apples that he found!

Daddy and Harry getting ready to go pick pumpkins!

Harry helping push the pumpkins back out of the field.

Harry got to see a tractor- we were VERY excited and even got to take a ride on the wagon behind it! And yes, Mommy is VERY large.

We also got to ride the train, or choo-choo, around the farm. He was VERY excited, as you can tell. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like Father, like Son

After his bath the other night, Harry decided he wanted to read with Daddy. Jay is studying for his ACSC and Harry is reading about tractors. Both very important subjects. :)

Harry kept looking up at Jay to make sure that he was still doing exactly what Daddy was doing.

He even had to be tucked into the covers like Daddy and up on the pillow. :)



I took Harry to the barber shop on base, which was a big hit after I told him that was where his Daddy gets HIS hair cut. The nice lady gave him a sucker, and he was such a good boy! The whole thing was done in under 2 minutes!! It was our best and easiest haircut to date. :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

potty training vs. hide and seek???

Harry decided today that he wanted to use his potty like a big boy, ie: like Daddy. So, he took his pants off and sat on his potty. He then counted to 3, shouted All Done! and ran around. Mommy being the smart person she was left his diaper on because I knew he wasn't actually going to use the potty. However, I did make him hang out in the bathroom until he went to the potty in his diaper. He took this opportunity to play a great game of hide and seek. I thought these pictures were too cute!

He did finally go to the bathroom while sitting on his potty, so in the interest of positive reinforcement, he got one of the cookies that he and I had baked yesterday! This is him (still no pants!) eating his cookie and getting high fives from Daddy. :)

What a big boy!!!! (Notice how there aren't even any rolls on his little thighs anymore.... it makes me SO sad to see that.....)


Harry and Mommy decided yesterday would be a perfect day to bake cookies!
I made the dough and Harry helped by cleaning up the spoons and the mixer. :)
He also helped by deciding which cookie cutters we should use. As you can tell by his face, it was a VERY serious decision. :P We used Halloween ones, and then, of course, the plane, car, and bawk-bawk cutters. All our favorites!