Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Pig Out in the Park"

Yesterday was "Pig Out in the Park," which is a huge festival in Spokane where they set up Riverfront Park as a food fair! Lots of the local restaurants and such have booths so you can have great food and play outside in the park. They also had some live music, which was fun.

We met up with some friends from my Mommy and Me Group and went to Mobius first to burn off some steam and show Daddy the new digger they have there. Harry just loves it! Afterwards, we headed across the street to the park for some nummas. Jay and I had jambalaya that was fabulous and Harry stuck with pizza. We threw a blanket in the grass and hung out with our friends for a few hours- it was great and the weather was beautiful!
Last night, some more friends from M&M and I went to a scrapbooking night at a local scrappers shop. It was open from 6 to midnight, so we had a great time and got LOTS of work done!

Emma being pretty in her new skirt :)

Harry on the digger

Ems playing in the little kids area- she's finally old enough to play!

Harry driving in the boat! ("but its not red like Ga-ga's, Mom!")

Harry at the park, post pizza. You can't see the entire slice's worth of tomato sauce all over the bottom half of his shirt.... :P

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emma's First Steps

Well, the day has finally come. Emma has started walking! She's only taking a few steps, but she's started launching herself off of stuff instead of just having me let go and making her do it. So, my days of her being slow enough to catch are numbered.... :)

I got this video of her taking a few steps. She really is resistant to getting caught on tape, but I'm trying! For now, just enjoy this one... and love her pigtails! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picture day!

I got a ton of cute pictures yesterday, so I'm just throwing them on here without too much format. Enjoy! :) Look how long her hair is!!
She loves the tub!
so sweet!
Harry has such blue eyes! Amber took this with her camera's last dying breaths (she left it in the rain overnight!) and it still takes much better focused pictures than mine does. :( I think I need a new one for Christmas....
I think she's going to be a tomboy?! This took her a grand total of 5 minutes- she got her shoes off, her outfit completely muddy, exploded and played in a can of 7-up, and climbed the cement stairs.
We went back to Greenbluff yesterday- Harry and Shane eating nectarines
My sweet little babies in the trailer :)
Ems playing in the grass
Daddy and Emma playing their favorite game- toss the baby!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My little racecar driver!

So, Harry's Halloween costume came in the mail today. I know, I'm the earliest person ever, but they're already in stores everywhere and he's been begging and begging for his Racecar Driver costume, so I gave in and ordered it. I asked him what he was going to be for Halloween and he says, "Mommy, Harry's not going to BE anything, Harry IS a racecar driver."

So, there you have it. He was soooo excited when we got home today and the box was on the front steps. He immediately started peeling at his clothes so he could try it on. I thought I was going to have to peel it off him for bath tonight, but he even refused to wear it for naps because "that's NOT a sleeping suit, that's a racing suit!" I guess I'm just wrong.

Anyways, enjoy. :) He's sooo cute!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is of Emma fussing. She's recently starting saying A-ba-ba-ba-ba when she wants something. Jay was trying to cuddle her and bounce her to make her happy, and this was the result. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More pics

Amber sent me a few more pictures from yesterday, so I figured I'd share. :) Harry and Jay in the squirt gun fight- the foam ones ROCK!
Harry and I fun-yaking :)

Emma's chunky little legs!! :)

This video is of Harry doing a running jump off the dock. It took him a few tries to not stop at the end of the dock, but he got it!

Fun Summer Days!

On Friday, I hosted a playdate for my Mommy and Me Group. We met at the park across the street and then migrated to our backyard to play in the pools and eat lunch. All the kids had a blast and us moms got to hang out and have some great conversation. I really really enjoy being part of this group and being an organizer. They've all helped me come to love the area and I've made some wonderful friends! all the kids trying to go down the pool slide Joshua Myann Rhenda showing the kids how to blow bubbles

Yesterday, the M&M group had a family day up at Greenbluff. We got there early, as it was supposed to be 100+ degrees, and ended up being one of the only families that got any peaches. Which was wonderful, because Jay and Harry both love them! Harry on the wagon Harry eating a peach Harry on the pony, Smokey

Well, it DID get up to 100 degrees, so the Domrese family kindly invited us out to their river cabin to swim again. Harry LOVES to swim there and he LOVES his best friends Thomas and Joshua, so its a win-win situation for everybody. Thanks again Domrese Family!! Harry playing dump trucks Joshua kayaking Thomas swimming Emma practicing floating :) Harry and Mr. Dan so many fun toys!! Daddy and Emma fun-yaking

This video is of Thomas swimming like Michael Phelps- can you tell we've all been watching the Olympics?!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Park Day and Grilling

The kids and I went to Manito Park today. It's soo pretty there- the park was a little crowded, so we headed down to the gardens and strolled around for awhile. It's sooo pretty there! The kids were all very well-behaved for the most part and loved walking through the lawns holding hands- it was so cute.
Harry got a donut from Amber!
Harry, Thomas, Anna, and Joshua holding hands
Harry and Joshua trying to fall into the fountain!
Thomas, Anna, Joshua, Emma, and Harry
my adorable little monkeys :)
The Holbrooks came over for dinner tonight since Brian was flying- the kids played in the pools for awhile and then we put pork chops on the grill. All in all, we had a great evening with friends! :)
Emma trying not to get her swimsuit wet :)
Harry lounging around with all the girls!
Emma pushing the car and learning to walk
the car wouldn't drive well in the grass, so she gave up and pushed it like this- I just love her little ruffled bum in the air!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Skyfest Weekend

Harry and I went to Mobius for butterfly day on Friday. They didn't do as much butterfly stuff as either of us would have liked, but he got to see some of his friends and had some fun.
Harry on the crane at Mobius
This weekend was the FAFB Skyfest. We saw lots of cool planes and had lots of fun. The weather has been high 90's for a week, but thankfully it cooled down to high 70's for the weekend, and we were able to spend ALL day there on Saturday. Harry and Grampa went back for the whole day on Sunday, too! Those boys just couldn't get enough of the planes. We bought Harry a model of a Blue Angel and he's been carrying that around constantly ever since. We got to tour a few cool planes- C130, KC10, KC135 (of course, that's Daddy's plane!), some helicopters. Plus, we saw lots of jets and fighter planes do their thing- the F22 was the loudest, and thus, Emma's favorite. Harry liked the Blue Angels, who were amazing.
Emma already for Skyfest
Harry watching the planes from our house
Harry and Ems at Skyfest
Harry in the Sheriff Helicopter (Hop-Cop)
Blue Angels
The Blue Angels do their Starburst- SO cool!