Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a difference a year makes... :)

Well, we're here. In MN, that is anyways. Still a good month from Europe, but we're getting there! And now that the movers/packers/long-ass drive is over, I"m feeling much more relaxed. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun with Bubbles!

My kids are so beautiful some days... and some days its moments like these that keep me from going insane! :)

A few pictures before we head out...

My thrilled little people- I promise they're excited to move!!

Our friends, The Prizemans, through us a wonderful Oktoberfest Farewell BBQ. We had a great time and it was sooo nice to sit and relax and be with our friends before we left! Sandra also bought German hats for the kids- so fun to get them all in pictures, they even were mostly smiling in this one!! :)
Harry swinging at a pinata at a birthday party
Messy girl!

The Queen of the World running through the fountains!

One last ride on the carousel! (This is Harry's last ride, because he proceeded to have a massive fit and lost his carousel privileges. Emma got to go a few more times!)

At the Museum of Flight in Seattle- Jay explaining pulleys and engines to the kids

My dad has always said she'd be a fighter pilot!!

My tulips bloomed again this year. And I really don't mean "my" tulips, I mean the lady who lived here before us' tulips... :) I stink at gardening, I keep telling myself that "next year," I'll do some planting and figure it out. And we're going on about the 6th year of "next year," so don't hold your breath!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving Days 4 and 5

All 3 sets of movers have now come and gone!
That means all of our stuff is either in storage (think: anything with a plug!) or on its way to Deutschland! I can't even begin to tell you what a huge weight off my back this is.
Now all we have to do is get the house back to base standards (read: Jay doing some scrubbing!!) and we're off. The cats shipped out to Gramma and Grampa Butterfield this morning. I'm just hoping that goes well, it makes me nervous to have them flying without us, but when it came right down to it, that was still our best option. I can hear Lola crying in the back of my mind. :(
We have a few appointments left in Spokane- my last ob and ultrasound this morning, Jay dentist, Jay physical, and Jay PT test; as well as having to check out of the house on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. And I think a few outprocessing forms, but that's all Jay's department. And then its off to MN!
Current timeline as follows:
(in case anyone wants to schedule themselves in for a goodbye playdate!!)
Friday: Jenn AM OB appt.
Jay Physical
Saturday: Harry's friend b-day party and family bbq with playgroup buddies
Sunday: Jenn prenatal massage (THANK YOU RHENDA!!!)- that is all, I plan on staying all day!! :)
Monday: Jay dentist, Jay PT test
Tuesday: Housing checkout, outprocessing checkout
Leave for MN!!!
Thursday: Arrive MN, probably early evening, depending on how TweedleDee and TweedleDum do on the road trip
Sunday: Jay to FL
June 19: Jenn and kids to NH from MN, Jay to NH from FL
June 25: Butts to Philly to see Mama and Papa Beecher
June 28: Butts to Baltimore to board transport jet to Ramstein!!! WaHOO!!

And from that point on, we're golden. I mean, let's face it, it's EUROPE!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things are actually progressing!!

1. We got the Honda shipped. It consisted of a VERY quick trip to Seattle- we literally left one night, slept there, dropped the car off, and came home. Oh, and Jay decided at the last minute that it was worth missing a few hours of work to swing by the Museum of Flight since we happened to drive right by it. He and the kids had a blast. Me, not so much. An almost 6 month pregnant lady wearing cute (read: not comfortable) sandals walking around on cement floors looking at airplanes for FOUR hours didn't work out awesome for me. However, I sucked it up, because I do drag them shopping more than I care to admit. :) Anyway, the car is done.
Cute story: Emma INSISTED on riding with Jay, she claims that he "wants her with him" at all times, so I was more than obliged to lose the 2 year old for a 5 hour drive! Harry was awesome in the car (as always!) and he and I had a great "road trip."

2. Packers showed up yesterday and today, and are doing a great job. I was planning to take pictures, but decided that I would let them be.

3. Emma slept a total of like 6 hours last night. Needless to say, that is NOT enough for the 2 year old or the pregnant lady. She and I are suitably crabby today. The boys are gone, which is good for them. Harry has his second-to-last day of preschool and Jay is taking the cats to the vet in preparation for their flight to NH (thanks again SOOOO much Gramma and Grampa B!!!) on Thursday. So, Emma and I are hanging with the movers. Read: chasing Emma and screaming at her not to touch things.

4. We have cleaners scheduled Friday and Monday, a relaxing weekend in between, and are hoping to leave on Tuesday for MN.