Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pictures- narrated by Memma

Dat's Nuggles and Memma. And Hawwy too. He's a big boy, I wike to 'nucky him. I need picture wiff Wola and Jerwy too.
Dat's Hawwy. He's rollwin' stuff for me to eat. (It's Pedaha!)

Dat's Hawwy again!

Me! Dat's my humpback whale. (and she watches too much Diego!!)

Me! I'm rewwy sad.
Me happy!

Hawwy happy!

Me. Daddy!! Me, and Hawwy too. We're holdin' hands on the bwidge.

I'm not in dis one. Dat's a wiver. No beach for me!

Also, funny little story about Harry's dr appt on Weds:

Dr. D: Harry, can you count to ten?
Harry: Ten.
Dr. D: No, Harry, like the numbers 1-10.
Harry: I DID. Ten.
Emma: No, Hawwy, like this! Uno, dos, tres....

(I told you the kid watches too much Diego!!!)

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