Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Pageant and Sankt Wendel

Last Saturday, we had a busy day! The kids had their first Christmas pageant. SOO cute! Emma was thrilled to sing and has been practicing her song for weeks now. Of course, as soon as she got on stage, a TON of people stood up in front of me and I got 1 picture and no video. :(
Harry, on the other hand, was a pain about singing. We had to bribe him to practice at school and at home. However, on the day of the concert, he decided he was excited to sing, and did a fantastic job! I have a video of it, just have to find the time to sit through blogger's painfully slow upload.

After the pageant, we headed to Sankt Wendel. It's supposedly one of the best small Christmas Markets in the area. It didn't disappoint! Their WeihnactsPyramide was gorgeous! The kids got a big kick out of seeing it. :)

Harry was thrilled to see Santa. My crabby little girlita told Santa that she was "tired of him" and "allergic to his stupid candy." Guess we know who's on the top of his naughty list now??!!

Real live nativity! With camels!

They even had a free sledding hill set up. The kids went up and down for quite awhile!

They even happily shared a tube when other kids showed up!

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Kim said...

I'm so glad Preston isn't the only one who feels the need to announce to Santa that he is not a fan! When we went to visit him a couple weeks ago Preston gave him dirty looks and told him "I don't love you!" They might be fighting over the top of that naughty list spot! lol