Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New edits

I've been playing with my Photoshop software lately, and found some new editing features. I also purchased some preset type things since I'm more comfortable doing my own free-editing in Aperture, but there are things I can't do in Aperture that I can do in Photoshop and vice versa. I actually really like having both. :) Anyways, these are some of the newer edits I've been working with, it makes my kids' blue eyes look incredible!! :)

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Kait T said...

I love them Jen! I've so fallen off the wagon on taking pictures. I still haven't discovered the amazingness of my camera and though I own photoshop elements I have no idea how to use it. at. all.
I just sit around coveting others' talent. :) It helps when your kids are so adorable. Little John is absolutely adorable. I just love his little mouth.