Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Well... we've had lots of friends recently start these dealios up, so I figured I should get off my butt and use the one that I actually took the time to create months and months ago.
I'm pregnant! Whoo-hoo! It was our little surprise (sorta) right before Jay left for Qatar this spring- he was definately surprised to get that news over the satellite phone! I"m actually due at the end of October, so this news is probably not news at all, but we're still excited. I had an ultrasound last week and they estimated our sweet little baby girl at 7 pounds at 35 weeks! OUCH! So, they're going to induce me on the 12th of Oct if I haven't gone into labor by then. Not sure what I did to deserve this big-baby syndrome, but apparantly it's what I get for marrying the cute tall boy... :P
We moved from Tampa to Spokane in July. We got to spend a week in MN visiting the Prettyman side of the family and spend the Fourth with them, which was great. Harry had a blast at the parade and the fireworks and the lake and all the fun stuff. You can't beat a small town in the summer. :) So far, we're settling in pretty well here in Spokane. Our house in Tampa still hasn't sold, so we decided to live on base here, at least for awhile. We're locked in for a year, so we'll play it out next summer and figure out if it's worth moving or not. Jay's having a hard time with all the "rules" that come with living on base, but I love having him home for lunch every day and the 2 minute commute is hard to beat!
Harry is almost two and boy is he Jay's son! Every day he does something that just makes me stop and think, wow, did your dad's genes take over in you! He looks like Jay, talks like Jay, and acts like Jay. Yesterday I told him to color while I took a shower and make sure that he didn't get any color on the walls. So, when I got out, the entire bathroom floor, door, and toilet were colored. But NOT the walls. He says, "look Mommy, Color!" So, he got his first cleaning lesson- thank goodness they were washable crayons! hehe... everything just wiped right off. He's excited about our new little "Bee" as he calls her. He's been 'helping' me get everything ready in the nursery and around the house. I don't know how much he understands, but he's excited anyways!
Jay is liking his job here. He's finally not DNF from his thyroid, so he's been trying to fly as much as possible. I'm a little nervous with him being in the air and me being so close to baby-time, but he always says, "it'll be FINE, Jenn!" At least Harry knows the word "push".... :P Jay was made phase manager of one of the phases of this class, so that's been exciting. We also found out some of the guys here are getting picked up for 6 month deployments, so that's VERY depressing and we're praying that doesn't happen to us. The 60 day trips are hard enough to deal with!!
Okay, I think that's enough for today, I'll try and keep this a little more updated and try to find some recent pictures. Probably not of me at this point, but definately Harry! hehe!! :)

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Lisa said...

hey! you blog. fun times. it was so good to chat with you the other day - definitely keep me updated!

and that harry story is adorable.