Sunday, September 30, 2007


Harry had his first "swimming lesson" this Saturday. He and Jay are signed up for lessons at EWU in Cheney (it's about 20 minutes from the house). We thought it would be something fun for him to do that's "just for Harry." Lessons were supposed to start last week, but after the boys got changed, showered, and were standing next to the pool, we found out that they were cancelled for the rest of the day due to another little fellow having an "accident." Needless to say, that was NOT easy to explain to OUR little swimmer. Poor dude, he howled the whole way home! Anyways, this week was much more successful. They practiced going underwater, hanging out on his back, and even a little paddling. Harry did great until they brought out the toys- he immediately found a truck, and that was the end of lessons. He still swam, just with his truck, so it was pretty hard to teach him anything at that point! :P Overall, the boys had a good time and look forward to going next week.
We took the Nova out today for one of the last trips of the season. Jay found a restaurant in Post Falls, ID called "Hot Rod Cafe" that he's been dying to try out. So, we thought today would be a nice day for a drive. The place was lots of fun! They had about 10-15 classic cars up on stilts and poles throughout the restaurant along with LOTS of other hot rod themed things. Harry couldn't figure out why the car was up in the air- he kept yelling CAR DOWN! until we convinced him that it was okay that they were up there and they were not coming down today. He even got his french fries served up in a car! He and Jay definitely found a new favorite restaurant for the area!! :) Our waitress and everybody around us thought Harry was just hilarious because he kept making vroom-vroom noises throughout the entire visit. They also had an ice cream truck that he got to go and pick out a treat from, so that was lots of fun, too!
I'm definitely ready to be done being preggo. I'm not sleeping well and having lots of lower back and stomach pain due to her being so big and me carrying so low. I've been making the boys take me on walks every night, it's been good for all of us; it tuckers out Harry and I and makes Jay take a break from his ACSC studying. (Which is going GREAT- he's 3-3 on his tests and halfway done!!!) We are all feeling better, so hopefully the flu bug that we caught is gone. I hate to say that, knock on wood. ;)
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Lisa said...

I'm glad that they got to swim! How cute - I'm glad Harry had fun. :)

And when will little Emma come?! Keep posting. :)