Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Pictures! :)

Well, Christmas is over. The toddler is in his bed and the baby is in her jammies headed for bed. We opened about half our presents last night and the other half and stockings this morning. Harry opened as many presents as he could get to last night and then got burned out after finding one too many "oh no, jammies" boxes and wanted to just sit down and play with his cars for awhile. We figured that we'd keep him happy and allow him to do just that- he soon fell asleep curled around his tractor. :)
This morning he woke up and ate Santa's leftover cookies. I tried to explain to him that Santa was coming to eat some cookies and would leave him more presents, but as you can imagine, my little cookie monster didn't think that was a fair trade! So, today he ran right to the end table and ate the leftovers and ripped open the rest of his presents.
Jay made a turkey and I made my usual cheesy potatoes and we all had a wonderful Christmas dinner. I have to say that having young children made this my favorite Christmas in many many years! :)
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and ate lots of cookies!


lisa said...

i'm so sad i missed you guys in MN!!!

i'm glad to see you had a nice christmas, though. :) love you's and i'll call soon.

Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

They look so cute in their jammies! I like that tradition!

Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone had a great Christmas. We miss you guys. Hopefully we can make it out to Spokane sometime this year (after this baby comes) for a visit. We are thinking about moving back to FL. Call me sometime. I'll tell you all about it.
Melissa Litzler