Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Emma-isms and Harry-isms

Thought I'd provide a chuckle for today:

Me: Emma, who took your socks off?
Emma: Diego
Me: No, Emma. Who took your socks off?
E: Maybe Daddy.
Me: No, Emma. Try again.
E: How about Harry?

Harry: Now that I'm 4, I think I will eat my hot dog buns.

Me: I'm so glad you're my little boy.
Harry: I"m not your boy, I'm Daddy's boy. Daddy is a boy like me. And Ga-Ga and Grampa.
Me: What am I?
H: You're a girl. Just like Emma and Gramma and Gramma Gerry and Gramma Mary.
Me: What about Auntie?
H: Well, she drives a red race car, so she's ALMOST a boy.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Very cute!

I love how Auntie is ALMOST a boy ;)