Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Harry checking out his new scooter

Emma took a break from baking to try out her new scooter. She is beyond thrilled that hers is the EXACT SAME as Harry's. :)

Jay got Mario for Wii and had to try that out this morning. :) The kids are in their new outfits, Emma has butterflies and Harry has fleece, as per their favorite requests. Jay is wearing his transformer jammies that Harry picked out. He says, "now Daddy can be cool like ME."

Emma on Christmas morning!

I put a bow on Lola. She is NOT thrilled, but extremely cute and deceptively cuddly looking. :)

Harry got a super cool Batman transformer car/airplane. Jay, of course, commandeered it for awhile to "make sure it works." LOL.

Emma got a guitar- my little rockstar!

Jay and kids in their Christmas jammies

Her shirt says "Dear Santa, It was my Brother's Fault."

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