Monday, January 19, 2009


Okay, so my computer has decided to rebel again. I managed to get a mini-slideshow made of some of the most recent pictures, so bear with me....
In the meantime, here's a quick list of some major updates for the Butterfields:
1. Harry is potty training!! (this is HUGE for us!) Granted, he will ONLY go on HIS potty at HIS house, but we're getting there. Apparently, everybody else has a yunky potty!?!
2. Emma went ice skating for the first time on Sunday. SO cute- I couldn't believe they had skates in her size, and she wanted to sooo badly, so we gave it a shot. She did great and only had a meltdown when Josh wouldn't share his fruit snacks. LOL
3. Emma says "door, Lola, and Jerry."
4. The snow is melting. We've gone from having over 65" to like 12". Maybe. It's actually a little sad, but I"m probably the only person who will say so.
5. I quit my M&M playgroup. The drama was killing me and it was getting to be quite stupid with rules and whatnot, so we started our own! By "we", I mean myself, Rhenda, and Kait. Check out our "Little Explorers" link to the right...
6. We're starting to talk assignments already with Jay's commander and others. Its pretty up in the air right now, but we're trying to figure out some of our options and what our "best" choices are.
7. We have tentative plans to head to MN in May for Katie's graduation. She's graduating on May 8 with an English degree, and then will student teach this fall for her certification. YAY!!
8. And the biggest news of all:

We're having another BABY!!!!


Trippleaaa said...

I was wondering where everyone from M&M was going! I just went to check out the link you posted for little explorers but I have not invitation. Sorry to hear there was drama going on, maybe it's a good thing I have been rather inactive lately!

Michelle said...

Congrats girl! We're so excited for you all! 3 kiddos, wow! ;)

Michelle said...