Friday, May 29, 2009

New computer and FINALLY some updates!

I finally got a new computer. :) Jay super needed his mac laptop to do his papers and homework in Vegas (yes, he's gone AGAIN), so he offered to swing by Best Buy and let me pick out something new! Whoo-hoo! Apparently, taking my laptop to MO/FL last week convinced him that its prehistoric and mean to make me use it. :) Anyhoo, I got the IMac and am LOVING it. Lots of cool new features, and I ordered the Aperture program (like Photoshop for Macs) and can't wait to start trying it out- I hear its easier than Photoshop, so that's already a plus in the column. 
Summer has finally hit Spokane (watch, as I right this, the weather gods (thor?) are thinking- heh, we'll show HER!). Its been 80's and sunny for a good week or so straight now. We went camping with the Remle's for Memorial Weekend (those pictures are on Jay's laptop and thus in Vegas, so you'll have to wait for those!), but I have some from the splash pad at a local park today. Soooooo nice to get out in the sun and play with friends, both the kids and I had a wonderful wonderful super good awesome time. :)

Harry playing squirts

Emma preferred the warm puddle.

Harry snacking :)

Ems found an airplane. She really was happy playing on it, but I'm playing with features on my camera, and apparently only the one where she couldn't get off and got mad turned out :(
We stayed until almost 2 pm, way past naptime!! She was soooo mad when it was time to leave though!

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MOMSWEB said...

I need to take more pictures. You are seriously putting me to shame. You probably have more pictures of your children than I have and mine are eleven and thirteen. Thanks for the inspiration!