Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, Bloody freaking Sunday

I don't really have a better title than that. Today was ROUGH, and that's a huge understatement. Harry woke up grumpy and proceeded to monstrify that mood for the rest of the day. We were supposed to go to Anna and Rhenda's house today and have some outside fun (plus she has AC and my house is over 80 degrees lately WITH the window a/c's in. :( ), but we didn't make it. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up snacks and Lunchables (my kids LOVE these!) and Harry had such a horrid fit that he was actually lying on the ground (something he's done maybe twice in his whole life) screaming and tantrum-ing and kicking things off of shelves. Needless to say, calm level-headed mother that I am (at this point!), I picked him up and plopped him in the cart and continued my shopping. When he calmed down, I informed him that unless he could improve his attitude, we were NOT going to his friend's house. He then had another meltdown and a screeching fit, so we pointed back west and headed home. I was bummed, I was looking forward to a morning with friends and some relaxing fun. :(
The day only got worse... He whined and moaned and refused to nap. I should mention that when he's cranky, he really takes it out on Emma, which makes her hysterical because Harry is her best friend, role model, and everything good in the world, and when he's mean to her and/or doesn't want to play with her, her poor little world just falls apart. She ends up crying because he's being awful to her, or in trouble because she managed to make her own mischief, which amazingly, tends to be much worse than the mischief they get into together. After she napped, (like maybe an hour) I tossed them out in their swimmies in the backyard. We made it about an hour before I figured the neighbors were going to call CPS on me for screeching at my kids (and a few spankings). The pictures are misleading, the ones of Harry howling on the play equipment because I dared to point my camera at him have been deleted. Also deleted are the ones of Emma after she decided to roll in the mud created from Harry dumping all the water out of her baby pool. UGH. At bedtime (which came almost a full hour early tonight somehow), Harry informed me that his ears "really really really super hurt." In Harry speak (this is the child whose eardrums have BURST before he's complained), this is bad. Hence, off to the dr tomorrow most likely. :(
I've decided to call today a wash and start over tomorrow. 

Doesn't she look like a big girl???

I'm finally getting the hang of the blurry background thing!

I believe this grimace was about as happy as he got today....

They LOVE the neighbor's dogs... (note the lovey in said boy's arms- it was THAT bad today!)

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Kim said...

I love the blurry backgrounds! So cool!

PS. I totally need your email or your address so that I can pay you for that frame!

Domrese Family Blog said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you!

MOMSWEB said...

Mothers never know what the day will hold or what attitudes will be painted on faces (smile). Sometimes my teenager wakes up angry! How in the world do you wake up in an angry mood? WHATEVER!