Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bike Rides, Farm Time, and a Jump-o-Lene!

Emma's been yelling "I BIKE" at Gaga for a few days now, so he finally packed her up and took her out. Harry used to LOVE this, but conk out as soon as they got down the driveway. Emma apparently yaps the entire time, "I see puppy, I see speedboat, I see bike, I ride, I slide, I swing, I see car, Moo-cow!" So much for a nice relaxing ride!!

Bald Eagle- its immature, hence the non-white head

Feed bin that says "Butterfield!"

Harry and Woody

Emma playing in the hay bales

Harry pouting on the bridge
Deer watching the kids play in the backyard!

I got a Jump-o-lene for $10 at a garage sale yesterday! Totally awesome purchase!! The kids love it and it completely wears them out :)

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MOMSWEB said...

As usual, I love your family pictures.