Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few more "emma-isms"

This girl is cracking me up lately. I don't know if she's finally growing into her attitude and out of the terrible two drama, but she is absolutely freaking hysterical lately.

Today, in the bath tub:
"I really wike my pwincess dollies, they're pwetty like me. They don't talk much though."

"I hab my suitcase and my boots. Take me to airport and I'm going to Wass Baggas to see MY daddy!"
*note, this was while wearing no pants!*

Yesterday, after a time out (which are like the absolute WORST THING EVER to her):
"I no likey time-outs. I no likey bein' way ober dere. I cwy lots and no likey you when I'm on time-outs. No more time-outs for Emma!"

"I no get one hair cut Daddy, I get TWO."
*Jay was trying to tease her and ask her which "hair" she was getting cut, and she totally didn't understand!

"I not wuddin' (loving) you right now, Hawwy."
*while Harry was on time-out for hitting her

"I'm gonna wock (rock) out!"

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