Saturday, February 13, 2010

My husband.... "the kitty whisperer?"

We always joke that Jay is the "kitty whisperer." Everywhere we go, they flock to him. People are constantly telling him, "that's so strange, our cat usually hates everybody!" while he/she is curled up on Jay's lap purring like crazy or rolling over for him to scratch their tummy. (Okay, maybe that's just Lola....!) In bed at night, the usual positioning is Lola wrapped around Jay's head on his pillow, Jerry on his chest or under the covers next to him, and Snuggles on his legs. Doesn't leave much room for me, let me tell you!! LOL
Its especially true when we're at home, he is never without at least one cat on him (Jerry rides around on his shoulders), while the other two prefer to curl up on his lap or legs or whatever is available. Last night, he had both Jerry and Lola and proceeded to "teach them to love each other." Needless to say, neither was very thrilled about it, but it did make for some fun pictures.
And for those of you who haven't seen them in awhile, look how FAT Lola has gotten?!! She was my itty-bitty baby kitty who we never thought would get over 6 pounds- she used to ride around in the pouch on Jay's sweatshirts! Now, she's at least a 12 pounder and quite pudgy!!

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