Friday, August 20, 2010

Paris Trip, Part Une

We went to Paris last weekend, took the potty training 2 year old, the 9+ month pregnant lady, and hit the big city. :) It actually turned out to be a blast and both us girls did better than expected. I'll only post some pictures this time, and try and do more later as not to inundate you with the beauty of France... it was AWESOME!!
The Louvre from the Tuileries

Roue de Paris (the Paris Wheel!)

Emma taking a nap in the best possible place- Daddy's arms at the Louvre

Jay inside the big pyramid

Pyramid into the inside- note the little pyramid does NOT descend into the floor. Jay was super-quick to point that out!!

My 2 peas in a pod at a sidewalk-cafe

Le Tour Eiffel

We rode the Metro all over Paris- the kids LOVED it!

Jay and the kids in front of Notre Dame

Notre Dame and the Seine. This was the first thing we saw when we stepped up from the Metro that we took into the city from the hotel. SO stunning.

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