Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paris, Part Deux

Okay, these are out of order, but whatever. I don't have the energy today to fix them!
"The Princess Frog!"
No matter how many times we correct her, Emma continues to call The Frog Princess, Tiana, by the wrong name. Whatever. She's happy, and she IS a frog for most of the movie, so I guess she has a point. And there really is not point in arguing with a 2 year old. At least this 2 year old!

Riding Lancelot's Carousel- we were SOAKED by this point, but totally thrilled! As you can see by Emma's pants, there was standing/flowing rainwater through most of the park, not that it slowed them down at all!!

The Teacups- Jay, I think, was the most excited for this one! They also got to ride the flying Dumbos and a few others that Mommy was too pregnant to get on.

The Disney Express Train. This worked out perfectly for us, being pregnant allowed me to get a "special pass" in the park for any of the rides that I was able to go on. This was only like 6-7 of them, but it included the train, so we hopped to the front of the line each time and rode to where we were going instead of walking or waiting in the rain!

The beautiful castle!

Arc du Carousel in the Jardin de Tuileries

Emma (still!) crashed out in the Jardin de Tuileries. What a beautiful place for a nap!!

The kids riding the Roue de Paris. They LOVED this- and what an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower and the entire beautiful city of Paris. I choked when I saw what it cost per person to ride (8-9 euro!!), but it was definitely worth it!!

All in all, we did great in Paris. I was pretty worried as to how it would go with a 4 hour car ride, a 9 month pregnant lady and a potty training 2 year old with no naps, but I was impressed with all of us. :) If you ask the kids, their favorite parts were the Eiffel Tower and the trains (subway, metro, and Disney!). Jay and I really enjoyed the culture and the people of Paris were MUCH more friendly than I had planned on. My French is pretty awful, I can read a lot more than I can speak or listen, but everyone was super nice. However, the fellow tourists, I cannot say the same for. The poor baby in the belly was elbowed (purposefully a few times!) so many times, at the Louvre especially, that I was afraid he was going to get bumped out!

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Me said...

Glad you guys had fun and were able to get one nice trip in before Baby B arrives! Haha....I'm also glad he didn't get bumped out in the Louvre!