Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome Baby Johnathan!!

He's FINALLY here!!!
After a very busy and eventful pregnancy, our sweet little boy has finally arrived! Monday morning, I went into L & D after having contractions for the last few days. They were starting to get regular and pretty painful, so I wanted to get checked out and make sure that everything was okay. I was scheduled for my c/section on Weds morning, but was eager to get things rolling. However, my in-laws were scheduled to arrive at 11am on Monday and the kids had their first day of school on Tuesday, so I wasn't completely prepared either!
After monitoring me for a few hours, the dr made the decision to go ahead and do my c section. Thus began the scrambling to get a taxi arranged for the Butterfield grandparents and childcare for Harry and Emma set up, and everything else taken care of in less than 30 minutes! Turns out, we had a little more time as several other mothers in the ward decided to have their babies that morning too and as mine was a surgery, they kept pushing me back on the list.
About 10:15, it was finally my turn. I was prepped for surgery with no problems and at 10:49 am, our sweet baby boy made his way into the world. He squawked for a minute or two and as soon as he heard Jay and my voices and was wrapped up, he calmed right down.
Johnathan Jay Butterfield
7 lbs, 7 oz
10:49 am
Landstuhl RMC, Germany

He loves to make grumpy old man faces, its so hilarious!

Harry and Emma are ECSTATIC that he is finally here! Emma has told everybody she's seen or talked to that she has a new beautiful so cute baby brother. She has a little cold, so we've had to keep her away from him mostly, which has been VERY hard on her. She's been content to be "helpful" by bringing me things so far, but I can tell soon that she's going to want some contact. She's very ready to be a great big sister. :)
Going home from the hospital

First bath!
He looks SO much like Harry!!

Chilling out in his swing- he's still pretty squinchy and curls up whenever possible. Its so sweet and I love to cuddle him. :)

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