Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Pictures!

The kids before their school Easter Parties
 We found an awesome park in Winterbach last week. It had a water pump that the kids played with for hours!

Sweet John took a nap

Emmila let me put curlers in her hair the other night :)
 We headed to the Gartenschau on Saturday and got our season passes. Well worth the 39 euro to go all year long!

So proud of Harry- last year he wouldn't even climb the tower for the huge slides, and this year he whizzed right down the highest one!!

Emma stripped down and made like a local kid. The German kids were all half naked and swimming in the water area. :)

The tulips were absolutely incredible! I've never seen that many colors and vibrancy.

They were setting up for a wedding in the Willow Chapel. That place is incredible!

"Ice Cream Makes Everything Better"

even Daddy got some eis- white chocolate raspberry. :)

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