Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barfußpfad Hike!

This past weekend, we did a Barfußpfad (Barefoot Hike) up in Kell am See with our friends, the Goodwin Family. It was gorgeous and VERY fun! They had different stations to walk through including mulch, mud, a stream, cork bed, tiny pebbles, inch-wide rocks, logs, stumps, and a weird stilt-type thing. The kids had a blast. Emma woke up screaming "barefoot hike, barefoot hike" that morning, she was SO excited to traipse through the mud with permission. :) Harry wanted to know if he could wear his socks. Pretty sure there's a lot of his Gaga in his personality! 
The shoe rack

The trail map

Jay doing the corks

Emma loved the stumps- she was perfect size to hop along!

She needed a little help with these though!

Yeah, you wish you were this cool. :P

The cool kids

Harry doing the stilt walk

Dirty feet!

Emma kept howling that the water was cold (it was VERY cold!) but kept going back for more!

I think the mud was her favorite part- it was very squishy!!

They had a wading pool set up in the crick at the end to rinse off.

The guys needed a beer at the end!

John had the only casualty of the day- Jay bumped his nose and it got scraped up. It looks worse than it was, but he sure howled about it!
We will definitely be going back and doing it again when the weather is warmer. The area was gorgeous and we all had a blast. Apparently, there's another nearby that has a thigh deep mud pit. Maybe I can convince Jay to do that one too! :)

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