Friday, January 25, 2008

funny Harry moments

Yesterday we were driving home from Whistler and stopped for lunch at little burger place. Harry, of course, had a hot dog and french fries and they put lettuce and an orange on his plate. He sat there for a minute and just stared at his plate with this weird look on his face. Finally, Jay says, "Harry, what's wrong?" Harry looks at Jay and says, " Ewwww. Grass." and hands the lettuce to Jay!
Also, he came to tattle on Jay last night for pushing him and I asked him if he was okay. He said he was, but kept saying, "Daddy pushed Hay." So, I asked him if he had broken his leg, and he said, "Yes," and then proceeded to hold out his leg for me and said, "Daddy break-ed Hay's leg."
What a little turkey!!

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