Friday, January 18, 2008

Jan 18

Well, Auntie Katie is gone.... We had a wonderful and exciting 3 weeks with her and were all sad to see her leave, especially her reading buddy, Harry. I think they read ALL the books on his shelf at least 10 times while she was here! :) Jay will be home today and we're off to Vancouver in the morning, and Whistler on Sunday!!! Whoo-hoo!! It feels like we've been planning this trip forever and it's finally here. We're going with the Stevens family- some of you may remember Jon and Lisa from our wedding, and now they have a beautiful 1 year old Erin, whom we're very excited to meet. And of course, Harry will probably make her his newest girlfriend before the trip is over! ;) We're very excited about all the cool things to do in Whistler- ice skating, sleigh rides, the Lego-room, outdoor swimming pools and hot-tubs, and, of course, the skiing!! Hopefully, we'll have LOTS of great pictures and memories when the week is over! Emma cuddling with her bunny.
Harry and Susy having apples and cheerios and watching Dowa.

Emma and her pretty bow. Can you tell I'm going to have my hands full from her little smirk??

Harry FINALLY wore his hat from GaGa and Auntie!

Harry called Daddy on the bluetooth last night... he looks so serious!

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Anonymous said...

I love all the weren't getting tired of boy clothes by any chance? Isn't it so fun to dress little girls! Well...I wish I was excited to dress girl # 3 all pretty but I was really hoping for the simple selection that comes with having a boy. Oh well! Have fun on your trip.