Friday, January 11, 2008

Harry and Emma Pictures

Mommy and her adorable kids. :)
Emma doing her Elvis impersonation.

After her bath

All snuggled in her pretty new towel from the Beahans.

Harry's girlfriend came over last weekend so her parents could have a well-deserved dinner out. Harry was SO thrilled and they had a pretty good time, Susy is such a sweet girl and just loves Emma. She's also newly potty-trained and we're SO proud of her. And really hoping that it rubs off on Harry soon!

Susy and her mommy, Linda, baked and frosted cookies for us. They were delicous!!


Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

OMG Harry is sharing his chair with Emma and Susy! What a good boy :) Thanks again for watching Susy. She had a great time, and we had a great dinner! Let me know when it's your turn for a night out.

Anonymous said...

Love `em!!! Too cute, Jen. She's does bare a striking resemblance to her big brother, but in a sweetie pie girlie way. Oh yeah and I'm jealous about the ski trips. I was supposed to learn this year. I decided (along with my doctor) that this was not a good idea being pregnant and all. Hey- hope you had fun seeing Keith last night. Wish I could've been there.
Ta ta,