Friday, July 18, 2008

Curious Harry Goes to the Hospital

So.... last week Harry kept telling me that his ear hurt. The last time he told me that, his eardrum had burst, so I figured I'd better get him in to see somebody. After over an hour of trying to convince the AF secretary that I was NOT going to drive to Grand Forks, she gave me an approval to go to Urgent Care and get him checked out. Sure enough, the kid has an ear infection. They put him on antibiotics, we go to Minneapolis for the weekend, end of story.
Except not. Tuesday night, he got a fever, which I managed to break, and then repeated the process all through Wednesday. When it got up to 102.5, I called it quits and headed back for the ER. We spent 4 hours there that night for them to tell us that he has a "viral infection." Code speak for: we don't know what's wrong with your kid, but we don't think it's a big deal.
Thurs: No fever, kid has attitude and zest for life. We went to Katie's softball game and Harry comes over to me, lifts up his shirt, and says: Look Mommy, I have spots like a zebra. (We'll deal with the zebra part later....) So, I call my two aunts who've raised 4 kids btw them and have them take a look thinking that its chicken pox. Of course, it isn't that simple as they've spread up his neck and down his legs during the drive over there. So, back to the damn ER we go. Another 4 hours and they diagnose my kid with HIVES. Harry says that he has pies, again, we'll explain that to him later! They gave him a dose of a steroid, gave me several prescriptions to fill this morning, and sent us home. All in all, Harry's body decided on day 9 of his antibiotics that it would be allergic to them. Great. Thanks. Awesome.
I miss my husband.

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Michelle said...

"Spots like a zebrea!" -That gave me a good laugh =)
Poor guy, I hope he's feeling better soon!