Thursday, July 17, 2008

More pics from the weekend...

I finally got the rest of my pictures uploaded. Again, I HATE the internet connection at my dad's.... It literally involves a 20 minute process of simply unplugging cords and restarting things to get the thing hooked up and then another 15 minutes of convincing his modem that it likes my computer, which it normally does not. Anyways, UGH. So, more pictures and hopefully I'll get some more sooner for next time. Lo siento.
So, we're about halfway through the trip. Feels like longer, but it's still almost 3 weeks until we're home again. Harry is absolutely LOVING having time with his Ga-ga and his Auntie Katie. Grandpa is doing hockey school this week, so we swung by to pick him up for lunch and watched a little of the "hockey guys." Harry just loves it. Now, I just have to convince the Air Force to keep moving us to places that have hockey... I guess my dreams of Hickam (Hawaii!) are out, right?
Harry on the turtle at the Como Zoo
Harry in the butterfly garden- this was his favorite part!
Emmers in the butterfly garden
The beautiful conservatory at Como
Harry and his suitcase traveled through ALL of the gardens... :)
Harry and Amy on the giant walleye in Kabetogama
This is my daughter. I really don't have any words for this picture. :) Just know that whatever gray hairs I end up with are going to because of this child.

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