Monday, July 7, 2008

In MN....

Okay. We're here. In MN. Yup, it was a LONG drive, but we got it done in 2 1/2 days. Both kids did better than we expected- Emma was fussy in the mornings and Harry let us know when it was time to stop for the day. Other than a small diarrhea incident (okay, it was a LARGE incident!) that involved stopping at a laundromat AND a car-wash in Dickinson, ND, I'm very impressed with how well the kids did.
We had a great fourth of July with lots of family, friends, fireworks, fried bread, and choo-choo rides downtown. :) We even managed to hit the beach for a few hours. I think this was part of the reason Harry only saw about 5 minutes of the fireworks- he fell asleep on Amy's lap! Emma enjoyed them though... :)
I'll post more later and some pictures. The internet at Grandpa's house is not the best... that's an understatement, but I'm trying to not to use swear words on my blog... :P

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Anonymous said... the poo poo story. That would happen to us for sure. Glad you made the trip safe and sound even if it wasn't uneventful. We gave uneventful up with parenthood. Miss you guys tons. Tell Harry hi for Ayvrie. I'm sure he has no idea who she is anymore. She's been totally replaced.