Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitties and Cupcakes

The kids and I made lemonade cupcakes today, they were super super yummy! Of course, I had to let them clean my beater and my spoons when I was done. Emma made that exact face for about 5 pictures, I couldn't get her to smile for anything, I think she thought if she took the spoon out, I would take it from her!!

I went in about 9:30pm tonight to check on Emma. She has a weird habit lately (okay, not so lately, its been months now) of falling asleep in front of her door on the floor, so I usually go in after she's asleep and plop her back into her bed. Why the child would want to sleep on the floor when she has a beautiful bed full of loveys and stuffed animals is beyond me, but whatever, we already knew she was weird. Anyways, I go in and I found this...
Somehow, she'd commandeered Harry's kitty Snuggles and was giving him some lovin'. Normally the cats don't even come upstairs when she's awake, they're THAT terrified of her! This cat continues to amaze us with how loving he is towards the kids, he's nipped Jay a few times when playing, but never even bothered to walk away from the kids, let alone anything else, even when Emma was clearly mauling him and I witnessed a little tail chewing action. (Yes, she's weird) We debated changing the cat's name when we adopted him in March, but there really seems to be no other name that fits him as well. He LOVES to snuggle and, we realized recently, has actually been keeping Harry up at night by snuggling with him. So, now they get to go to bed together, but we have to go in and get him and close Harry's door after he's fallen asleep. The poor cat howls by his door for awhile and then just usually finds Jay. :)

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grandma said...

So Cute. I was trying to figure out which cat this was. didn't know you had a new one. So is that now three?