Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bike rides!

We bought Harry a Lightning McQueen bike LAST summer as an outright bribe for potty training. We figured we were going to buy him a bike anyways, so we might as well make it worth it, right? Anyways, the bike was too big and he liked his diapers, so it got stored for the winter. This summer he's been too stubborn to pedal it, so we've only brought it out a few times. However, last night he decided that he was ready, so we pulled out the helmets and let him have a go! He did awesome and went all the way around the block. I think his little legs are finally coordinated enough that he can pedal without forcing it. My poor tall child goes through ridiculously large growth spurts and becomes SUPER clumsy for months afterwards. This last one seems to have been a reasonably mild one and left him more coordinated than he's been in a while. Hence, the pedaling skill. :)

Trying it out!

Doing really well racing down the road!

Emma and Daddy cruising!

Lumpy Bear- ticked off because I made her stop to take a picture!!

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