Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Emma got curlers tonight... pictures of said curls to come tomorrow!

Harry got rocket ship pajamas. He refuses to sleep without them, despite the fact its 90 degrees outside. Thank God for air conditioners and free base electricity.

They've decided to be cows for Halloween. Thank you to Ebay and Sandra for allowing me to allow them to do this for a grand total of $7. I think that means I get to buy candy earlier, hence eating more of it before the last minute Halloween run??!! I'm not even going to pretend to lie and say that I don't do this!

Some kids found a frog at the lake. They let my kids hold said frog. BIG mistake, they dropped the frog countless times and probably gave him some sort of brain trauma. Poor frog.

Jay put Jerry up on the high shelving. This shelving is so high that I have to use a stepladder, not just a stool, to get things off of it. Needless to say, she was PISSED. However, since I came to take a picture of her, I happen to be the one blamed, not Jay. I know she's mad at me when I don't see her for about 4 days and the only time she comes upstairs is when I've fallen asleep and only Jay is out of bed. Yup, she's persnickety. I've been around for going on 6 years now and I've still to get in her good graces... Argh.... probably take me 6 more after this!

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