Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fun at the Park

Since I'm on such a blogging roll now, I figured I'd keep it up. Plus, I had some cute pics from today. :)
I call this his "I barely tolerate my lame-o mother and her dumb camera" smile.

This is known as the "crazy lady" smile. It is also the one featured on her brand spankin' new govn't passport. :) Awesome!

This is their all-time favorite park toy at any of the parks that we frequent. It even beats out the bawk-bawk that Harry used to love. :)

Occasion for the park today: 1st Birthday Party for these little lovelies! How cute are they??!!

And, of course, we all received cake. But not before Emma personally visited each party guest to make sure that they had finished their pizza and that they were aware that SHE was ready for her cake. Granted, it was a gorgeous purple butterfly cake, but the child was slightly impatient. :) Sorry, Amber!! LOL

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