Friday, April 16, 2010

Massive Picture Update

I figured I would just throw all these in one post rather than try and be actually helpful and organize them. At least this way, you get to see them right?
We did our annual egg hunt up at Green Bluff. This is my very favorite that we go to, and this year it was WAY warmer than last year, so a roaring success! Plus, they give us ice cream for breakfast and pumpkin donuts, so we were all pretty happy. :)
Hunting eggs at Green Bluff.

Emma (lucky little girl!) won a BIKE at the egg hunt on base this year. She found about 2 eggs in her age group's hunt, so we let her run out there with Harry's group (she easily could pass for his age!), and sure enough, the kid won the grand prize! LOL
We had an Easter potluck/egghunt/bbq at our friends Todd and Sandra's, as well. GREAT fun for all of us!
Jay caught a couple kitties- and also participated in Mustache March. Thank GOD that's over! :)

We had one gorgeous day in March, so the kids and I ran out to the Finch to take some nice photos. Harry was handsome as always...
Emma was full of attitude and way to cool for me.

But they did take a couple nice ones together. And she even took off her sunglasses for a few! :)

oh yeah, and I went to Mexico. :) I have more pictures from the trip, but for some reason blogger hates them all and won't let me upload any of them. :( I'll keep trying....

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