Monday, May 17, 2010

A few pictures before we head out...

My thrilled little people- I promise they're excited to move!!

Our friends, The Prizemans, through us a wonderful Oktoberfest Farewell BBQ. We had a great time and it was sooo nice to sit and relax and be with our friends before we left! Sandra also bought German hats for the kids- so fun to get them all in pictures, they even were mostly smiling in this one!! :)
Harry swinging at a pinata at a birthday party
Messy girl!

The Queen of the World running through the fountains!

One last ride on the carousel! (This is Harry's last ride, because he proceeded to have a massive fit and lost his carousel privileges. Emma got to go a few more times!)

At the Museum of Flight in Seattle- Jay explaining pulleys and engines to the kids

My dad has always said she'd be a fighter pilot!!

My tulips bloomed again this year. And I really don't mean "my" tulips, I mean the lady who lived here before us' tulips... :) I stink at gardening, I keep telling myself that "next year," I'll do some planting and figure it out. And we're going on about the 6th year of "next year," so don't hold your breath!

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