Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Emma!

My Emma. My one and only girl. She turned 3 on October 13th, but I'm just now getting to her birthday post. Typical neglected middle child, right? Right, Dad? LOL
She was my biggest challenge while pregnant, and is my biggest challenge as a child. They say age 2 is a good preview towards the teenage years, and if so, we are totally in trouble. Emma works her magic on everybody- she is the best people-reader I've ever met. She knows exactly what buttons to push- good and bad! She's also the sweetest little girl I know, so nurturing and loving towards her brothers and her friends. 
She's my kid that when she's quiet or out of the room too long, it means she's stealing Harry's toys, trying on my makeup, or pouring shampoo all over the bathroom. She's also the one who can be counted on for a hug or a snuggle or a kiss whenever she can tell someone looks sad. 
She's so passionate and wonderful, everything is either the best or worst thing that has ever happened to her. She's been racing to keep up with her brother since the day she was born and I see that trend continuing. :) Lord help Harry when she starts dating his friends!

I swear she started smiling immediately. :) October 07

so sweet and SO much hair! 10-13-07
She skun her nose in the pumpkin patch- it made a heart-shaped scab for her 1st birthday! Oct 08

Oh, I miss those baby pigtails and that little squinty smile! Oct 08

Such a pretty girl! Oct 09

One of my all-time favorite pictures- Oct 09
She looks so grown up... Oct 10

She's got such a great personality. Always happy and goofy! Oct 10

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Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Emma! It's SO amazing how much they grow from year to year =)