Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ok, I KNOW its been awhile. I've been having trouble getting pictures to upload. And really, what's a post without pictures? Apparently not much, since I barely have time to sit down, let alone type anything. Although, I am going to try. Just this one time. :)
Updates in the life of the Butterfields:
1. Gramma and Grampa B were here for 6 weeks! It was a long visit, but great to have them around to play with the kids. They will be missed!
2. We did some traveling- Heidelberg, Neustadt, Speyer, and a few little towns in between and nearby. Pictures of these will be forthcoming. I hope. I really hope.
3. Harry and Ems have grown. Seriously, a lot. Jay measured them a week before school started so that I could buy pants for them (euro sizes are in centimeters, not years- SO great!) and they were 97 and 112. I measured them the other day- about 8 weeks later- and they are 102 and 115!! HOLY COW! No wonder none of their pants fit. Again. And they've been eating me out of house and home for the past 4 months. It also means Emma can go up to a different carseat. Not sure if we will, I like her strapped in the one she can't get out of, but we 'could.' :)
4. Emma turned 3! We had her party at a super cool playplace near us called Yabadoo. We invited all of her friends (and a few of Harry's!) and had a blast. Of course, we had to make ice cream cone cupcakes. They turned out cute, and got smashed on the drive, but none of the kids seemed to mind!
5. Emma is 3. She's really a big girl now, fully potty trained (except when looking for attention, she'll "dribble" while standing next to the potty and then scream until someone comes running- very nice). Her hair is getting longer again and her face has really slimmed out. She's quite beautiful, and full of spunk as always. She keeps us on our toes at ALL times, whether its by tormenting her brothers (both of them!), playing with mommy's makeup, chasing the kitties, falling down the stairs, making friends with the German kids next door, playing Legos, or just being her sweet Emma-licious self. :)
6. My friend from Spokane, Tina, married a guy from Germany this summer. So, she and her new husband are living a few hours away in Ravensburg. Last week, she called to see if she could come visit for a week while he was on a business trip. Since Jay is TDY for 2 weeks, I told her she absolutely could! It was so nice to have adult company (and help!) all week, and great to catch up with a friend. We even had a "girls night" and watched a chick flick. :) I managed to stay awake almost to 10 that night... hehe.
7. Little Johnathan is doing wonderful. Speaking of growth spurts, he's catching his siblings already. He's 13 pounds as of Tuesday (6 weeks, 1 day), which is on track to beat out Emma in weight (who started at 8 lbs 14!), but probably not Harry. Harry was CHUBBY and was 16 pounds at 2 months, and formula fed. JJ likes to eat and cuddle and snuggle and love. He likes to be on his tummy. We've had some gas issues, I'm still figuring out the breast-feeding thing (and nursing bras!), but we're getting there. He loves his siblings and has a HUGE smile that just melts my heart. I really am enjoying his "newborn" stage.

Okay, I think that's all I know for now. We still have skype. Jenn.butterfield is my name. You can all look us up. We're around most of the time, but the time difference is challenging.

And start planning some visits!! We're looking at trips to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Salzburg Austria, and Nuremburg in the near future. :) I know, its tempting!!

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